Succubus and the Universe: can they co-exist?

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Hey, good people.

I’ve just recently summoned a succubus, but it’s occurred to me that succubi, according to the Letter of Intent, aren’t all that keen on sharing you if you’re working with other spirits or entitites. For quite a while now, I’ve been “working” with the Universe: asking it for signs and things, talking to it, trying to raise my vibration, looking out for signs, and stuff like that.

Because I’m “with” the Universe, in constant contact with it, will that have an effect on my relationship with my succubus? Will it slow down/stall progress with my girl?


Succubi have no problems “sharing” you, with other spirits, gods, or even human lovers, as long as you explain up front what your expectations are, and you keep in mind their own feelings towards the relationship. Respect them, and you will have no issues.


Just these days I’m giving another try to succubus relationship and recently I’ve tried YHVH and Jesus invocations, they may be even more conflicting than Universe (which I believe is generic, neutral) but I’m not perceiving problems :slight_smile:


What a relief. That’s awesome to hear.

Thanks a bunch, DarkestKnight and fapa. :slight_smile:

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Okay, so you’re aware of the importance of your emotional state ( :slight_smile: vibration :slight_smile: ). What you need to understand is the calm/stillness or a kind of detached engagement is the highest vibration possible. It’s not the “Wow!” that’s the highest–most inclusive–vibration. Practice stillness and being present in the moment rather than grappling with your thoughts to stay “happy”. Let feelings and thoughts come and go.

About the succubus: nope it doesn’t have to affect any experience of yours but it might if you insist it does. Typically, once you get into stillness, presence and True Self-knowledge you tend to gradually let go of attachment to things like entities–although they are utterly real–and rituals.

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Look at all this gold. And it’s for me! Thanks, ritual. I wasn’t aware that was how your vibration was supposed to be. From what I’ve read about it–which wasn’t enough, embarrassingly, now that I know this–you’re meant to be brimming with happiness and positivity and whatnot.

Being a new member, I’m not sure if I can PM you (if I can, I can’t even find where it is), but there’s something I’d like to ask you regarding the Universe.

Nothing to be embarrassed about. It’s not that it “should” be calm. I mean, you can get angry, sad, exhilarated etc. but the highest vibration–the all-inclusive–is one of calm or something close to it would be a kind of detached engagement.
Yes, please PM: no need to ask beforehand. Aah, you might not be able to PM until you’ve spent a certain amount of time here. Ask Lady Eva if you can.