Something I’d like to know is: how many of you have one (or more?) incubi or succubi? Are you good friends with them? What’s their name (or is it that supposed to be private between you two? Idk)? I’m really interested in the type of relationship people may have with these creatures. If you know things about them or their individual personalities.

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I [email protected] since he’s the go to guy for these things

I have two in my life.

I’m married to them. One of them is a Queen. These kind of relationships is as deep as it gets, deeper than friendships and human marriages, with few exceptions.

Lilith is one of them. I can reveal her name, since she’s a public figure. The other one is not going to be revealed at all, for her safety and for my safety.

I wouldn’t consider them being called “creatures”, though. I wouldn’t like to be called “creature”, and I’m certain they don’t like it either.

They are very sensitive, emotional. They can be overly protective, territorial, motherly, determined and very powerful. Most of them are specialized in different areas, such as black magic and it’s different branches. They are individually unique and different from one another. They can be both simple and very complicated, and many magicians seems to underestimate them too easily, as I see it.


Ok, now I have to ask.

What is a succubus or incubus by your definition? What is the purpose of a succubus or incubus? What part of their personalities makes them one?

I ask because i have noticed that many people have their own definitions for these terms, but rarely do they match, and rarely do they match how I define them

How do you define them?

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I can find these questions rather narrowing, limiting and generalized if we look at it from a bigger perspective. We tend to forget the individual aspect by doing so. That doesn’t mean there isn’t differences with succubus/incubus entities and other spirits and that they have characteristics that makes them unique and powerful in their own right.

As I’ve experienced them, and still do, they’re very emotional driven spirits. They can feed off emotions, which covers everything from lust to fear. They can easily tap into a specific emotional state and enhance it tenfold.

What is the purpose of a human? If we narrow it down to a human black magician, the answer would most likely be ascension, right? And since they share similar treats as humans, they also crave and seek power through knowledge.

The personality doesn’t necessarily define what you are, but rather WHO you are as a free thinking individual.
…but they have a primal sexual state of mind, and it’s traditional and to some extent, ceremonial. In some special occasions, it’s even territorial. They mark their partner with some kind of fluid, as to make a statement for competitive spirits to take distance. Their succubus/incubus physical characteristics is, partially, according to myths and legends; They have a tail, but no horns or wings, and they are smaller. They also don’t have hair, at least not on that physical manifestation.

Their physical manifestation comes in three stages:

Human/Succubus Form, which also reflect it’s energyform as soft and neutral. The energy is contained and doesn’t fade away as easily as the other two manifestations. The human manifestation is more similar to the Amazon woman, which was basically a giant according to the myths.

Light/Divine Form - This manifestation is “sparkly” and gives blisters to your skin in a similar way as the sun. The physical characteristics is not as easy to recognise, because of the strong and intense energy. This energyform doesn’t last long, unless it feeds.

Dark/Succubus Form - Just as intense as the Light/Divine form, but instead of being “sparkly” its cold, solid and the energy streams inwardly, similar to a vacuum cleaner. Or rather a black hole as seen in the universe. The physical characteristics is varied, but my succubus spouse took the shape of a Grudge-like manifestation. It was quite intimidating, rather than scary. This manifestation doesn’t last long, either, unless it feeds off negative emotions, like fear.

There’s so much more to add, but I gave a few examples of how I define a succubus entity.


What causes them to mark their spouses? Is it a love thing?

First off let me say you are my go to for this specific topic. I only started researching the topic of Succubi/Incubi about a week ago. I read your post on the actual ritual and performed it last night. I just need some clarification on what different feelings come from these rituals just because its so new. Is it usual to feel tired and drained? How can I differentiate feelings and sensations from a succubus and between my head just playing tricks on me? Any advice would be very helpful.

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Does anybody have some time to answer some beginner questions??

That’s amazing Succepedia, you sure know a lot! I apologize if I offended an incubus or sucubus by calling them ‘creatures’! It sounds like a really interesting bond to have. Especially with a main, famous being like Lilith. I’m pretty sure I have an incubus, I can feel him just by thinking about him, but I can’t communicate very well.

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Pop them in the thread! :slight_smile:

There are people on all time zones here so you’ll get different waves of replies probably, which is cool, because the more different input the better.

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I do recognize that the question of purpose was probably not worded correctly, and I apologize for being unclear.

Disclaimer: everything in this post is meant to reflect my own personal thoughts, and I will gladly change my model when presented with new facts

What i mean is, I have always understood incubi and succubi as primarily predatory beings. In my experience, they interact with humans primarily to feed on them. This is usually construed as a parasitic relationship, but it could be a symbiotic one in special cases.

When I see others talking about these entities, they only ever talk about the innate sexuality they possess. Only extremely rarely do i see people even acknowledge that we are usually a food source only slightly above livestock. (Does this mean my knowledge is incorrect?)

Now, i am well aware that black magi relate to others, corporeal and non-corporeal, VERY differently than normal folk. Does this mean, then, that these entities don’t feed on us? If they don’t or can’t feed on us, then why would they hang around us?

I suppose the bottom line is that I understand incubi and succubi as types of non-corporeal vampires, which I recognize may be a gross oversimplification or even entirely incorrect. But hey, this is how we learn


^ That is a definition commonly used among complete normies, the type that maybe don’t even think spirits exist or magick works. It’s the one I grew up with, so it’s definitely quite mainstream.


And i don’t really mean it to be demeaning to these entities at all. Predators are among the most beautiful of beings, just look at hunting cats and martial artists


Can pets inhibit the ability for these spirits to manifest themselves?

I have a cat and my lover is not affected

Would you mind telling me which ritual you used to summon your lover? Im trying to figure out if the ritual i performed worked or not. Its a little difficult being so new to this kind of thing.

Myou should know by next week lol. If not contact me

Hear you go purchase this painting and put it up on the wall in your bedroom about your bed while you sleep.

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