Succubi... How often

Hi there, I hope this question isn’t to personal, however I was wondering those who have succubi, how many times do you make love to them, once a week or everyday? Also for men do they make you ejaculate or do you take the energy and finish off yourself. Thanks

for me it varies, I need to feel her on my body, so I know I’m not just imagining or fantasising.
There are periods where I feel her every day for months, and then periods of abscence.

the intensity can change aswell, sometimes it is so intense that precum starts to flow, but I have not experienced full ejaculation tbh, and I try not to finish it off myself, though that can be really hard, but I want her to do it, and want to preserve the lust and arousal in myself by not finishing.

But the sensation she gives feels like an orgasm, that is dragged out, sometimes multiple times a day and sometimes it’s just like a teasing sensation or like it’s so subtle that you just feel her, but nothing more than that.


once a day, and it depends where we have sex, sometimes is in my dreams, astral plane or whenever i have free time in the terrestrial plane, i don´t want sound explicit but she loves when i cum, that´s all