Successful Paimon Summoning

So i summoned Paimon last night. I have a mirror altar i use for more generic purposes, and i lit a white prayer candle and called forth the highest most authentic aspect of myself thst i could bring into my field of perception. When i entered this altered state, my own higher self gave a very respectful departure request to all spirits actively engaged in my life with the exception of Satan, Lucifer, and Paimon. I instantly felt the shift occur. I was in the presence of 3 beings. They manifested in a highly internalized way, but trust me…it was tangible enough to know that something real was occuring. I made a clear statement outlining my objectives on the spiritual path, and told them that if my objectives are in line wkth what they intend for me, then i am grateful for their presence, but if not then i humbly requested they leave. They not only stayed but i could feel their deep sense of approval and support. So i meditated for a couple minutes on the energies and set up my small black altar set aside for demonic workings. I placed the printed baphomet pentagram sigil in the center of the table with a candle placed in the center. Prior to doing this i did a very personalized blessing on the table, enfusing it with my exact intention and giving thanks to Satan and Lucifer for aiding me in this operation. I then took the printed Paimon sigil in my hand, and in my own words petitioned Satan and Lucifer to accompany me on this calling. Paimon possessed me…and this was my first time being authentically beyond a shout of a doubt possessed. It wasnt full-on, but it was enough to where that which spoke through my mouth wasnt me at all. It was him…Paimon…and after focusing on the sigil for a small time to open up the connection more, i blew the candle out, put my sigil on the altar and layed in bed. I ended up having a real conversation with Paimon about life, my dreams, what he can and cant help me with, etc. He comes across as a very friendly friend and mentor. I cried because this is the kind of connection i always dreamed of having and its finally here. This is the first time i have ever had a spirit come to me so directly and so willing to befriend me and teach me the way of Self Realization hands on. I watched Behemoth X video with the Paimon chant, and i got even more confirmation/validation from the words Paimon speaks through him in the start of the video. This is real…its really real…wow…my entire life just shifted in one night and now i have all i need to find this home that i have felt exiled from all my life


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Great experience!! Inspire me so hard to follow that Path (im planning it, i’m very new to goetics)