Successful evocation?

So last night I attempted to evoke King Paimon for the first time but not not really sure if it worked or not.

After I gazed into his sigil and what not and thought I felt his energy rather quickly, pretty intense, but I was also kind of nervous too so I don’t know if it was him or if I was just feeling nervous lol.
I offered him a drink and the red candle I lit, the flame was pointing towards it. So I assumed from that he was there and asked him what I wanted to ask him.

I’m pretty new, I’ve only evoked Lilith a few times which most of them worked without a doubt and read King Paimon is pretty great with beginners and a good teacher so tried him.


:clap: yes! Congrats!

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you did n i say it went well

Thank you thank you lol

Good to hear others think so, thanks! :smiley:

Well done. King Paimon is amazing and it sounds like you did well