Successful, but not really? Help!

So about a month ago, I evoked Leraje for his help on ending this partnership (not mine). It was a great success(the evocation part) as I felt and said everything that I’m supposed to. After about two weeks, I noticed the said partnership to be a bit rocky and for a while it seemed I had succeeded. So I held up my end of the bargain and did what I promised. After just two days of that I found out that I was indeed wrong and all this time either I had been misinformed somehow or just that the results were gone.
Now I’m confused as to whether I should evoke Leraje again and ask him, or if I should approach someone else who specialises in destruction. What do you guys think?

I’ll send you a pm

They say not to live up to your end of the bargain until your wish is finalized, and even then give it some time before you make your offering. I’ve found this to be kinda true. When I start seeing results, I generally get very excited and immediately want to give my thanks, but I find that almost immediately I do, whatever was flowing seems to snag. This happens almost frequently with my money rituals. So, I’m learning to look at my results passively, as if they were supposed to happen anyways, as if there was no other option but for my ritual to come to pass, and I notice that does give it a stronger, longer lasting flow.


That’s interesting, I always thought that if I don’t do what I had promised the entity would perhaps get angry and revoke everything that was granted. Now I’m conflicted lol
Do you think I should approach him again?

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