Wow. So cool. Mindfucked right now.

So I went to the store and bought sweets for King Paimon, made him som green tea and a bowl of honey. I bought a stack of cryons and made a yellow cirkel on the floor and with the little belongings I have made a alter with candles and the treats on. I red that he had something to do with the sun and I have a prize in iron of a sun I won in acting years ago so i put there to with a kitchen knife and a red bandana. That’s basicly it. I took my candles and statued them around the cirkel and it looken pretty neat I must say.
I wrote my questions and my desires on a piece of paper, took my guitar and placed in the cirkel for he loves the music eh? And I alao wrote in black on my chest and my stomach: “Hail King Paimon”.

I put on Theta Gamma sync. And startet to draw the sigil on my little whiteboard as accurate as I could mustard, hehe (that’s something to practice to, I suppose).

So I sat down in the cirkel and startet to gaze at the sigil with the beats my ear. The sigil startet after a while to pop out a bit and change form and stuff but as a hard ASS critic I took that for nonsens and thought it was just my eyes fucking with me. So I webt up after like 5 minuts bit disepointet but typet in “Evocation King Paimon” and got more advice in how to do it propely and got comfirmd that this things actually was signs that the spirit made contact and not my eyes screwing with me.

So I went back and tried again. And this is where shit went down. Fo real guys’ haha (still so excited)

I startet gazing at sigil and it startet to form and to fuzz again and this time I welcomed it. I almost got to the point to get a boner. Same feeling when you just about to pop something or snort a line. A sexual excitment of some sort. And this is where I think King Paimon tested me.

My beats in my earplugs suddenly stopt and like the strangest, creepiest, underground - growl rouse up… and let me tell ya, it freakt the living shit out of me. Haha! I was literly on the brink of tears. Like a 5 year old who lost his mom in a big scary Forrest or something. But I pusched through and focust on galning my courage back.
Suddenly the sigil startet to morph into a face with a big ass grin of some sort. Not in a evil way. More in a Joker kind of way. And i liked that and thanked him. So started taking to him. Thanking him for coming and everything.
Moments later I laid on my back trying to get into a deeper state so I could get closer to him.
And now comes something I dont understand so If you guys can explain it it would mean a lot.
When whent deeper in the trance I could feel the air thicken and feel the precense more intensly. And something startet to play with my balls get me super horny?.. and started like bouncing on my cock as we were fucking or something. And it was really great but was that a succubus?? It cant be King Paimon? I was baffled but continued with the act until finally it stopt and I Thank him for coming and when out.

This was awesome.


Seems like King Paimon likes you. He was tickling your root chakra haahaha :joy: . It’s pretty common for entities to stimulate the root chakra whether they do it intentionally or not. For me I believe that he was doing this to you with the purpose of helping you believe it’s all real. In an earlier post you made you had emphasis on physical results hahaha so there you go :joy:


You might be right Hahaha. i dont mind thoe, felt awesome!


Yes, I get horny as hell doing most kinds of magick, one of the definite fringe benefits, and one of the reasons I think so many covens have complicated sexual entanglements!

This is SO cool, you’ve really thrown a lot into this and managed to suspend disbelief enough to make your first direct contact with a demonic King, I’m absolutely delighted for ya! :smiley:


Thank you! You are doing a fantastic job wich I seen since I joined. Iam so thankfull. Havent felt so good in a very, very long time as I do now - since the royal meeting. :wink:

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Congrats! That does sound more like succubus kind of behaviour but who knows really. Did you ask paimon to do anything for you…like, to away the kind of someone?

King Paimon can play jokes like that on you because of his amazing sense of humour. There is a possibility that there was another entity with king Paimon in the room, but I can’t be sure. As for king Paimon, it’s good that you called him with a possitive result.

Im waiting for him to deliever the result I asked him to but Im sure he will. Feels like were friends now. Wrote a song for him and made a drawing and he smiled with delight :slight_smile:


After riding you, I would hope so :smile:


friends with benefits even.