Hello all,

I’m a regular member here since 3 months, and hv been practicing and doing things on reading here as much as i can.

In the beginning it was hard to concentrate on my head, like i couldn’t focus and all, even had suicidal thoughts, because i am in terrible stage of my life.
I was getting deeper in all things associated with these practices.
Some sort of negative energies were also attracted and i was in fear. Then someone here suggested me to work with Belial and azazel.
I did evo last weak and today i feel different and positive. I still have problems but i feel confident about solving them.
It changed my thinking abilities, like there’s nothing that can’t be done. “You can and will”.
And thanks to all who guided me.

I really dont like to create post, something popped in my head 20 mins ago and i created it.


It’ll still be hard sometimes and you will probably have ups and downs and moments that you wonder why the hell everything is going wrong.

But you’re on the right track :slight_smile: Stay positive and let those demons influence your thought process, Belial is great at showing us where we are wrong in what we are doing and thinking and the pair can truly turn your life around if your willing to do the hard work to get there.

Congrats on your success Goldy :slight_smile:


Congrats @Goldy happy for you :heart_eyes:

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