Success with the Trinka Five spell

I decided to give the spell I saw in a post bumped by @Lady_Eva its the popular gypsy money spell known as the Trinka Five

A lot of people say this spell is too simplified to work but it did for me. I’ve gotten over 400 dollars the past two weeks and counting and I’ve had access to money to pay for things I’ve needed.

So give this spell a go everyone and see what you manifest !


I have never heard of this spell.

Glad to hear of your success with it though. :black_heart:


Thank you! And I think you could search it up on the forum if you would like :slight_smile:


I find simplicity to be just fine. Good work!


What do you do with the coins once your done with the spell ?

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I’ve done this spell twice , first time my dad gave me money suddenly, second time I got a new job !

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Bumping this because it’s still one of my favorite money spells!

Sometimes I add it to a money bowl if I have one currently at that time or I bury it at the base of a tree once I’m fully done with the spell

I am going to search the forum for it but could you link it for immediate use?