Success With The Divine Healer

So as stated on a precious post about my mental chatter I called on Raphael to help me with this.

I made an altar with his sigil, a metal Sun,and a yellow and green candle anointed with oil associated with Raphael.

Since the sigil opening I feel much more relaxed and focused.My anxiety is much better but I haven’t tested it yet with meditation.
I believe Raphael will come through though.

Also,my daughter was given a rescue kitten for her birthday.
He was in bad shape being he was found in the woods by my daughters grandmother.I had to cut briars out of his fur and he was in pain.

Recently he developed an eye infection to where his eye would be sealed shut by all the puss.
I had to basically pull his eyelid open and puss would pour out from it.
Then it spread to his other eye.

Not having the money for an expensive vet visit I took the little guy and prayed Raphael’s name over his.

Now usually when I get home from work I have to treat his eyes.
2 days later and I realized his eyes and no signs of infections.

The little guys is doing much much better and I haven’t had to treat his eyes for 3 days now.

I’m going to call on Raphael again tonight on an important matter concerning me tonight and will report results.

Thank you might healer Raphael!


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