Success with Prince Seere

Good evening everyone!!

Less than 2 weeks ago I evoked Prince Seere, to see my girlfriend in person, since we hadn’t seen each other since I moved back home to help my mom.

Less than 48 hours later her & I made plans to see each other, & just last night I arrived home from an amazing weekend that I spent with her!!

Thank you so much Prince Seere for working so fast, & effective for me!! Thank you for allowing things to go very smoothly, & for all the fun I had with her!! Here is my public recognition for you my Prince!!

I’m looking forward to working with you again in the future!! Many thanks again!!


Wait… So he can make people to meet each other? Because i read he is good at making someone be impsulsive but from this post…i take it he can arrange meetings? Is he good with chance meetings too? I’m sorry, i thought about working with him later on maybe, but i never knew he could also do this

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He can indeed!! He makes people make choices faster!! He works very affective & efficient!! Invoke him & speak with him!! Also check out the Goetia guide app


Okay, thank you!

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I’m going to work with seere about making this girl come back to, cry and apologize to me… I hope for fast results, I truly miss her a lot

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I believe in you!!

I’m waiting on my second ritual results from him as well, but if you’re true with him, he will deliver!!

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Do you have a connection with him… I’m asking him if he could have her cancel her plans or make her come over since she hasn’t in almost a month, and to make her cry and apologize to me for that… we do love each other a lot, she just hides her feelings

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How long did the first ritual take… like I said I read that some people got results in hours or the next day… I hope I get mine by tonight… I miss hugging her and just being with her

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Feel free to inbox me!! I’ll help you however much I can, but I do have a connection with him

Can you inbox me, I’m new here… you think you could ask him when I’ll get results about the girl… please