Success with planetary magick!

ok, so I took last week to do a bit of research on planetary magick and such and I decided to cast my first spell, where I follow planetary correspondences. I did a spell on Thursday (Jupiter) in the hour of Jupiter to try and get accepted to an online program that I had almost no chance of getting into, I wrote out the company name and wrote bullet points of why I wanted the program, I drew a sigil over it opened it and channeled Jupiters energy into it and asked for luck, then I put it under my pillow and forgot about it. Lo and behold a few days later I got in and I got more than someone with my grades should have gotten.

So thank you to everyone who answered my questions, your all a big help!



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That’s so great! Congratulations. I heart alchemy. I almost always use planetary day, hour and moon correspondences; in addition to a bunch of other corresponding elements. Keep it up!


what was the sigil though?

er…well done!!

It was a sigil I made myself.

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