Success with King Paimon

After reading about King Paimon on these forums and hearing about how he has helped people, I decided to call upon him. Using Gordon Winterfield’s Demons of Magick ritual 1 (like I always do), I stated my petition, offerings, etc…and let it go, being that my petition was something that would not happen overnight. Maybe a week or so later, I get the feel of this energy. It was King Paimon dropping in on me.

His energy is strong like Duke Sallos and Duchess Bune, but yet it had a different feel. It is sometimes hard differentiating the energies between the spirits, but I’m getting to the point where I can tell them apart, especially Duke Sallos who drops in a lot.

Anyway, I asked King Paimon about my petition. It is indeed something that he can and will help with. I also asked him other questions but I do not recall exactly what they were. I did ask him if we were linked, like how I’m linked with Duke Sallos and Duchess Bune. He answered no.

The feeling that I got from King Paimon is that he is very business like and that if you are serious and want to learn from him, he will help. After I finished asking him my questions, I thanked him and stated that I look forward to learning from him.

Later that day, I was at a shopping center, standing outside my car having a cigarette. I noticed in the parking lot a gypsy going around asking people for money. We have a lot of them around here. You see them at different shopping centers from time to time. It is mainly women and they usually have a child with them. I mean, they are not dressed wearing the head scarf and long dress like what you see in movies, but from talking with different business’ and people, that is who the women are.

As I’m standing there, not really paying attention, I hear a woman ask me and I quote “is it okay if I ask for your help.” I turn to her and see her standing there along with a child. She was in her mid thirties with dark hair, the child was probably about 10 or 11. She asked me again if it is okay if I ask for your help.

Now here is the weird part. As she asked me, I could feel something inside of me. I do not know how to explain it, I guess like a presence of sorts. The only thing I said to the woman was “concerning”. At that point, she said “its okay” and walked away. Did not hassle me, ask for money, nothing, just walked away. They are usually pretty aggressive in asking. I have seen them follow people right up until they are literally getting into their cars. But me nothing, just walked away.

That got me thinking. Did the woman sense something and figured I was not alone, that I was not to be bothered? When I got home, I called upon King Paimon and asked him. He said yes, that was him and yes the woman did indeed sense something and knew not to bother me. I thanked him for his help.

Fast forward up until a week ago. I had something else that I figured King Paimon could help me with. Now the time before has been the only time that he has dropped in to see me. He is not like Duke Sallos who drops in a lot or Duchess Bune who has dropped in a few times.

I did my normal ritual, stated petition, offerings, etc… Normally, I can do a petition and then for the most part get it out of mind, but this one, I found myself thinking about a lot, because I really needed and wanted it to happen. This went on for a day or two and then while I was at work, I was thinking about it again, when :cloud_lightning: it just stopped. No more worry or thought about. I could not even think that way about it if I tried. Sure enough a couple of days later, my petition came to pass.

I called upon King Paimon, thanked him and gave him the offerings as was stated. I asked him some questions and like I stated before, the feeling I get from him is very business like, no fooling around. I did ask him about myfirst petition and that I wanted to tweak it a little and he was agreeable. Also out of respect for him, I asked him if I could write about my experience with him on this forum and he answered yes. I also asked him if that was him stopping my thinking about the petition that did come to pass. He answered yes.

Yesterday, he popped in again to speak with me. He has only dropped in once before, so this was a nice surprise. I asked him a few more questions and I even offered him a drink, which he declined. He wanted me to talk to him and ask questions. Very business like and serious, but it feels that he is warming to me. I wont go over the questions but what I gathered from the answers is that I am on the right course and that he will keep helping me, although he says that we are not linked. I spoke to him for some time.

After, I thanked him, told him he was very wise (which I got a huge surge of his energy after I said that) and told him that I look forward to learning from him. I am also starting to learn when the spirits want to tell me something specific.

I can sense it if that makes sense. Before I finished speaking with him, I kept getting a sense of this forum. I asked him if that was him putting that into my head. He answered yes. I asked him if he was reminding me to post about my experience with him. He again answered yes. I told him that I would post about tomorrow (today).

Earlier today, I redid my first petition with King Paimon. After, I spoke with him. I asked him about that petition and I even asked him about something else, if he would help me with it. He answered no. I asked him a few more questions and learned that for what I was going to ask, I do not need his help. Its not that he wont help me with it, it is just that his help is not needed.

I also offered him a cigarette and this time he excepted, so even though he is still very business like and serious, I get the feeling that he has warmed up to me. Even the vibe is different now. Serious still, but not as stuffy.

I have found King Paimon to be great to work with, but it seems that he wants to make sure that you are serious and that you really want to learn. At that point when he sees that you are, then he will be in your corner ready to help and to teach.

King Paimon, I know that you are reading this, so thank you once again and I look forward to keep learning from you.


Wow; glad to see someone have a great experience with Gordon’s method. I gotta ask; do they get offended by using Gordon’s method?


No, it doesn’t seem like they are offended. I’m guessing if they were offended, they would not help me or I would not have the experiences that I have had. I do not order them around. I treat them with the utmost respect. The only time I use Gordon’s method is when I’m formally doing my petition. Other than that, when they pop in, I talk to them normally or if I want to call on them, I use their seal and say their enn and just respectfully call on them. Seems to work for me :smile:


Great work - I edited in some paragraph breaks because it was a bit

… and it would be a shame if someone missed reading it for that reason! :thumbsup:

Really nice result though, thanks for sharing! :smiley:


okay; reason I was asking because of the use of Archangels and pslams and godnames is all. Other forum Im in was all like its offensive to them. Just curious is all


I see what you are saying. I think it just comes down to your intent and how you approach them. Like I said, I treat them with respect, ask a ton of questions, and genually want to learn. I think that is what matters. It could be that they just like me for whatever reason.


Thanks, I forget to double space my paragraphs. I get to typing and the words just flow out of me :smile:



It was nerve wracking not knowing if they knew your reasons behind it or not.

You lifted alot of things off my shoulders; I will be using this method now.

I wanted to be respectful as possible and am happy that they understand wither you have good intentions with respect for them or not.


No probs, it was too good to leave unreadable! :stuck_out_tongue:


No problem. At least with me, my experiences have been great. I mean, it seems like Duke Sallos is like the neighbor or good friend who comes over for a chat and a drink, so I don’t think that they are offended at all.


Yeah; its just that when ya don’t have the senses at a efficent level or TGS down its tough to figure an efficient method to use that works and is respectful to them at the same time.


First of all, awesome! I have had more than a few similar experiences with people in daily life. When King Paimon grants his blessing people will often perceive you as having the bearing of a such a King. For good or ill you will learn much from these encounters, and that is just scratching the surface of what He can teach you. May you have a great experience with King Paimon!


Great work! I too am working with Demons of Magick.

When you said he “dropped in” to chat with you how exactly did it happen? How do you normally communicate with demons?

I did Ritual 2 with King Paimon once. it was a while ago but it ties into something I really want. I’m lusting for result like crazy so am still waiting for result. I let him structure in my mind with my imagination. I saw ALOT of little soldiers of him in the background. and King Paimon is like a dragon. Not game of thrones dragon… but more like traditional chinese dragon… mainly the eyes staring and talking to me.


When I say “dropped in”, it means that out of the blue, I will get hit with their energy letting me know that they are there. It is unmistakable. It feels like I’m being electrocuted, but it does not hurt, if that makes sense. Duke Sallos does this a lot. He also buzzes me as a fly if I’m outside, letting me know it is him.
Since I cannot see or hear them, I use the 4 penny method of speaking with them, which is me asking a ton of questions and them answering by way of how the pennies come up. This seems to work for me.
I have never tried ritual 2 or 3 out of the book. I’m still pretty new at this, so ritual 1 is working well for me.


Thanks for your reply.

I get super jealous when people connect to spiritual entities easily like that. I keep doubting myself if I’ve done something wrong to prevent it from manifestation. I’m quite new to it too.


I have been pretty fortunate on connecting with them. I have no idea why. Maybe its because I’m easy on the eyes and I smell good :smile:
Try ritual 1 from the book. It’s pretty easy and straightforward.
Keep at it. I think that you will do fine if you persist.


Now there’s a picture I’ll be copy-pasting whenever I encounter a single paragraph monster.

@dollarvaluemenu, that’s really cool. King Paimon is indeed awesome to work with; most, if not all, who worked with King Paimon have had amazing results.


There’s a new King Paimon discussion every time I come here, which is great. I love hearing about him.


Congratulations!!! King Paimon is indeed awesome, we work together for many lifetimes and he is always by my side in everything I need. I hope that you will have some great experiences with him :slight_smile:


@dollarvaluemenu I’ve went and read through your previous threads on your experience with Sallos and Bune along with this one.

I have a few questions, the main one being your four pennies method of communicating with the spirits. How exactly do you use this method and is there a reference to it somewhere I could look at? (I was reminded of a variation of working with the I Ching by tossing out coins for a “yes/no/somewhat yes/somewhat no/strong yes/strong no” answers. Is this it or similar to that?) From what I could gather from your posts it seems the answers you get from the spirits is limited to “yes” and “no.” Is this correct? If not, how do you go about when you want to receive more detailed answers? The main reason I’m interested in your four coins method is that I’m looking for a quicker divination system to communicate with the spirits.

My second question would pertain to how you’re, seemingly, able to sense the presence of spirits so easily – or at least that’s the impression you give in your writings. Is this an ability that developed over time or were you one of the “gifted” that senses spirits from a very young age? Personally, it’s very difficult for me to sense any spirits, and I’m not sure if it’s something that can be developed over time. Any tips or recommendation in this area?

I noticed you don’t disclose any details regarding what you petitioned for in any of your threads thus far. I understand if you don’t want to share personal details, but it’ll be nice to know whether the results you obtained relates to making changes in day to day matters (for instance, areas related to finance, inter-personal human relationships, justice delivered upon enemies, and so forth). You know, just a word or two that a spirit helped you with money or attract a specific person or helped uncover who was working against you, as an example.

It was interesting reading your experiences. And maybe you can also shed some light on the questions I’ve raised above.

P.S. Any particular reason you haven’t tried Gordon’s ritual 3 method of doing evocation?