Success with King Asmodeus

Hail King Asmodeus!!

I have just received my information that the spell I had casted with King Asmodeus late last week has already come to be reality!! Thank you so much King Asmodeus!! If you are on the fence about working with this amazing spirit then please allow this thread to be what convinces you to work with him!! He has worked very fast, & very affective for me!!

As promised King Asmodeus, you have preformed the task I had asked you to do for me, here is my end of the bargain, powerful spirit!! I can’t thank you enough for working with me, & for understanding my current situation. I wish I could offer you more gifts fit for a king, but I truly do appreciate what you have done for me. I look forward to working with you again King Asmodeus!! Thank you so much for also allowing me to try a new way of casting spells with you!! I’m happy to see it has worked very well also!! Much praise to thee!!

Hail King Asmodeus!! :grin::grin:


Very pleased to hear this. :slight_smile:
He’s great. I love him.


Thank you so much!! He truly is great!!


Wow, ¿how did you contacted him?

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My first contact with him was through a simple invocation. I gazed into his sigil & chanted his enn. When I preformed an evocation with him I used the protection circle from the first ritual in the 72 Demons of magick book, all the way up to the gazing into the infinite and putting myself at the center of the universe, then when I felt magical I stared into the hand-drawn sigil & chanted his enn until I felt his presence. I read my tasks to him that I wrote in the cipher provided by the book, then wrote his name on the back of it in the cipher, then I charged it with my energy than his energy then also discussed what I wanted to happen until I felt that it was enough then burned the task. I thanked him for appearing before me, & for willing to do the task for me, & then i performed the license to depart then burnt his sigil from the middle out.


Thanks for explaining, im thinking about to evoke him.


Anytime!! Please update me on how it goes!!

Same here, I do too!:two_hearts::two_hearts::two_hearts::sparkling_heart:


He is a lovely spirit to work with. Congratulations on your partnership with him.

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Thank you!! :blush::blush:

Oh my dark god, he is one interesting demon! I’m still in the middle of something with him, so tensions are rising, and he is fun but he can be a testy one. Finally after this temporary insanity lol, I am starting to understand what he’s been trying to show me. Glad you had success with him, I know I will too. Hail King Asmodeus, Hail Satan!!


I’m actually planning on preforming another ritual with him myself as well!! He’s a very powerful demon!! Love working with him!!



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Good day, happy to hear about your success, I’m abit new to all of this and I don’t really have the books to guide me. I want to call upon him to assist me in a task of which I need major help in.
Will you be able to provide me with some advice on how to ago about doing it, also my senses aren’t open and I’ve tried doing an evocation a couple times but I don’t know if I was successful or not as I said my senses aren’t open. Thanks in advance

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Good morning!!

First thing to do is open your third eye. I strongly suggest meditation with music. Focus on clearing your mind, & learning to feel your own soul underneath your bones, & flesh

If you want to do this while meditating on King Asmodeus’ enn you can do this also. Chant his enn 108 times while meditating

Even if you don’t feel his energy, he is there!! Just keep working at it. He comes more often to people whom are clear in their intent, & are absolutely sure of wanting to make contact with him

Ok thanks I’m going to try much appreciated

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Anytime!! Feel free to pm me if you have any more questions you think I can help you with!!

Aww thanks so much your sweet, I’m still new so I don’t think I’m able to pm but you can pm me and I’ll reply to that thanks

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Thank you for sharing :wink:

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I’ll send you one no problem!!