Success with evoking a spirit/ demon?

I have recently tried to evoke Duke Sallos in a matter of love between me and my ex. I did not see, hear or sense his presence when doing so but I read my petition to him and hoped that he did hear me. I would like to know if he indeed heard me and is going to help me. Lately my heart is beating quite fast because I am worried and scared of what my ex will tell me because he haven’t texted me back in almost a week and we really need to talk about our situation. There’s always a feeling on my chest and it’s never a good one when things are bad but whenever I look at Duke Sallos seal i feel calm and not worried or scared, like everything’s gonna be okay.

What does that mean? I ask with respect if there is anyone that could ask him if he is with me when I call on him or that he can hear me when I try to talk to him?

Thanks in advance

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What method did you use?

Also, my suggestion is to be open to the way you two get back together. It may not be immediate. It may even come in the form of you or them seeing someone else and then realizing it’s better for the two of you to be together than apart.

Let Sallos do his work while you focus on something else that will keep you preoccupied and content while he gets the job done.


I’ll agree. Sometimes spirits work for our good but in a way we don’t understand at first.

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