Success with Dantalion

Hi all I wanted to share my experiences with DANTALION. So I had great success with Duke Dantalion. I wanted to add when working with demons not everyone will have what I like to call HUMAN INTERACTION. Use divinity tools like tarot or pendulum if unsure about making contact. I did my own ritual I would suggest reading a few books and making a ritual that suits your own style sort of like cooking make it yours. I put together several rituals into one for me. I did make a offering of crown apple royal. I drank it after the inmvocation and focused on dantalion and seal and made myself aware of every taste smell and feeling of the whiskey and enjoyed the feeling while showing gratitude for taking my request. Since I did an invocation not evocation the experience was different. I learned that before my request can be fulfilled i had a urge to change the feeling around myself . He showed me i had self worth issues due to a bad marriage and that I should work on that to prepare for my request. I listened and it looked bad before it was good. I kept working on my mind and changing my feeling which is his expertise. Nature is your greatest teacher and it is literally darkest before dawn. He is a very gentle energy i can see why his expertise of energy is love and feelings. Since I was able to read his energy so well my request started to materialize. Within 4 days. And I would like to add be within reason when making love request he wanted me to add this make sure it someone u have a bond with already and that they naturally desire you of asking for a specific person. I feel like your request will be ignored until you do the inner work. He was big on INNER work first . My request was a love request by the way. Sorry so long hope this can help anyone working with the energy nof DANTALION. Hail DANTALION thank you so much you changed so much with in a matter of days.