Success with Bune

He works fast! Secured me a marketing job i had not even thought to try in years. I already have my second interview, this was literally 2 days after reaching out to him.

Tools used


Sigil gazing method


what you do? draw his sigil call his name. make your request .say thanks.


I draw the sigil, open it, feel my requests as i visualize them, speak to whom ever it is i have evoked and i ask if it is possible.

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Duchess Bune is a female and she is amazing.

Although there are mentions that describe Bune as male. But my little research so far mainly points Bune to be a female…

I have already started to work with her… She is great.


Demons may appear as male or as female. I suggest you to work with both aspects of them, it is very rewarding.

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Thanks for the suggestion.

He shows up as male and female for me, thats why i say they.

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