Success stories of Candle Magick

So I am going to start doing candle magick when I move into my new house, and I was wondering what success stories you could tell me?

Also, my friend and I bought a candle making kit about a year ago and we still have it, so I think I’m going to create my own candles to use in the rituals – do you guys think I should add scents to help the spell work stronger/faster, do you think it would be distracting, or do you think it doesn’t matter?

Plus, do those long, skinny candles (like the ones on menorahs) work the best for beginners?

Thank you! :slight_smile:

Magic is magic do what you feel natural when it comes to what you will use supplies wise.


If you want to sit there for hours watching a candle, go ahead. I use birthday cake candles, tea lights, chime candles and beeswax spell candles that last no more than 30 minutes.