Success on castings, auditions + help on career matters

Hello everyone!

I’m an aspiring actress, and I was wondering if there’s any Demon or spirit in general that helps bring more chances in your way, helps you to get noticed by important people, or people in key positions and gives you more chances to get the part you’re auditioning for (in combination with the work i put in and the talent i have).
In general, i’d really really appreciate it if you can share knowledge about anyone (spirit, demon, etc) that can help with fame and acting matters and how I can get that help (i’m a beginner)

Before worrying about “fame” or “being noticed,” you should focus on actually learning the craft of acting first.

There are thousands of people that want to be famous so there is no single spirit that is going to be able to lift you above the crowd unless you actually have some talent and you devote the necessary time and effort to develop it.

That being said, while you are working on your skills, you should pick up a copy of Damon Brand’s Success Magick, and begin the workings. This book is a long term strategy so don’t expect things to change overnight, but if you follow through with it, the Enochian Angels will get you where you want to go.

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Also if you use the search, this question has come up a lot for musicians, so you could check out the answers they got… I think Paimon’s been recommended more than once.

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You’re right, that’s why I said that I want the help in combination with the talent i have and the work i’m putting in. I’m not just resting on my laurels waiting for another entity to “do the job” for my behalf. I’m already trying, and will never stop, I just want some help.
Thank you for your recommendation I’ll check it right now!

Yes, I think I’ve come across Paimon in this forum multiple times, seems to be one of the most helpful! I’ll dig into it, thank you:)

I agree with Darkestknight Success magick by Damon brand is really a go to for these matters, I myself as a singer have struggled a lot through past years but I’m seeing very good results by practicing magick through that book.
Also, if you are more interested in working with demons then Forneus is said to bring fame or recognition for your creative works.

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just get the book" demon of magick" or “magick of angels and demons,” They have a list of powers for each of the 72 demons. you’ll find what suits you. don’t focus on one demon search method. that’s so old outdated method of learning. getting list of powers of the 72 demons will allow flexibility to be creative and cast spells using all those 72 demon or angels as resources. It practically covers all areas of your life. No one can suggest what one demon you can work with cuz there are many demons that can help. one demon don’t have the power to customize to you. And we don’t know your needs so it best you just look at their powers to see what fits for you. also the listed powers isn’t limited list of their powers. they can do more . The list is more like proven powers associated with them. why do newbies always go for one spell or demon at a time? sooo inefficient when it comes to magick learning.

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