Success Magick- your experiences after completion

Well, I’ve just completed Success Magick by Damon Brand. It took me 16 months. Did each ritual for seven days (although I did 11 days for a few just because I liked them).
Took a few breaks, sometimes for a week or two sometimes for a month or two.

I realise there have been other topics posted on this subject, but all were years ago when few (if anyone) had completed the whole book.

Sometimes it felt like a grind. Other times I was really enjoying the energy of them. Interestingly, I felt very strong energy during the rituals in part one of the book (first 19 rituals), but much less in the later ones.

So I am interested to hear from others as to what their experiences were.
For me, my like has changed in many ways, and for the better. Particularly the last half year or so. For the first time in my life I actually don’t feel miserable.
I am very happy in my new day job, well the work is boring but I am surrounded by such wonderful people there that I enjoy going in every day.
My traumas have faded. Still there, but a shadow of the all consuming force they once were.
I feel so much lighter and easier.

I have done a lot of other work from the magickal to the energetic to the mundane to help myself too of course, so I don’t know how much is attributable to Success Magick per se. But I’ve been all those other things for years and making little headway with my big issues, so I am confident that this book contributed in no small way to my improvements.

It feels good to have completed this work.

I an very interested to hear what the experiences of others have been when they look back on their lives lives before starting.

Edit: Coincidentally, I also finished off two simultaneous 33 day rituals today. Its been a busy time for long pieces of work :slight_smile:


I finished it last December, took me 14 months. I didn’t really connect with the rituals much but it was interesting! When I started I only knew I wanted to quite my job and start a business.
Today I have started the business but yet to get success.
On the negative side I started absolutely hating my job although it isn’t that bad , I feel like a slave and my soul is longing for the freedom I dreamt of when I started the magick.
I eat, breathe, sleep my goal .


I finished Success Magick in December 22. It took me about an year, with 1 week break around 6 month mark. I also did Wealth Magick along with it, finishing it a month or two sooner.

What I have felt are internal changes. Not desperate, not afraid of money & success and things that comes with it. Money magick has always been tough for me. I have blocks (Spiritual, Psychological, Emotional, & Ancestral) regarding manifesting it. What I have observed (for me) is that the money magick is changing me internally. As those blocks dissolves, I’m certain it will manifest in physical world. In fact, it’s already happening just not in expected ways.

I’m going to assume it worked and is working.

I lost a job in November 2021, I started SM/WM in December 21, and since then I have been looking for a job.

What’s changed is before I did the magick:

  1. Before magick, I’d have taken ANY job out of desperation. Now I’ve rejected a great paying (more than twice the amount I made before) job because I didn’t want to leave where I’m right now.

  2. I would not get beyond screening interviews. Now, I go through final rounds.

  3. When I put in real world preparations (along with magick), it does wonders.

My suggestion is assume the magick you are doing and did is working. And move on.

Not lusting for results is very powerful. I know, it can be hard especially when you are in bad shape. I have been there.

GOM books are a real deal. Magickal Destiny is my next on list.


Nice, this sounds very promising! I’m working through Magickal Destiny, but ive been a bit on and off with it tbh

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Me too. In fact, I started MD along with SM/WM. Every time I get to MD, I was distracted. So I assumed it’s not the right time for it and deferred it for future.

I’m going bold with Energy Raising sigils, using all in sequence every sitting. And of course, starting with the first protocol.

Let’s see.

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Yeah I started MD in November 2021, did the first protocol for about a month then forgot it. Like you, I think it wasn’t the right time for me. I’m picking it up again now to see how I go

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Anyone got physical manifestation results with this book ie tangible results not internal? internally rituals like uncrossing rituals can do the same result without the sheer length of time to do this book so would be good to hear of full on manifested results ie good income streams etc.

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