Success in granting wishes

How successful have you guys been when it comes to getting wishes fulfilled by evoking spirits?

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I guess it depends what your asking…

I’ve viewed every single ritual I’ve made as a success, just not always in the way I wanted it to be. Even with my more nasty ones.

Very successful. Many times I don’t even have to go on full evocation, thinking the spirit and the wish with intense is enough. Intention matters and your ability to let go.


Meaning firm belief is the skeleton key,yes?

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Pretty much, yes. Helps if you have already connection with a spirit.

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And how does one make connections?

Evoke, invoke, petition… The more you work with a spirit the stronger the connection.

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Oh well thanks,as you can see im just a neophyte

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It’s ok don’t worry. :blush: Other thinks you can do to make a connection, is give offerings, research and learn as much as you can for a spirit and, if you are into it, pray. Also you can create a form of art, like a poem, a song, a painting etc and dedicate it to them.

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I built my success rate through time, practice and making relationships with spirits.

If something has been ignored or denied, I later find out it is for the best.

I am and remain pretty ‘old School’ in my approaches with rituals on set days with set times etc. This is just my way and I find it works.


Best not to take your spirit specs too seriously because all duality, i.e. finite existence, is an illusion of consciousness that operates according to the Great Law of Cause-and-Effect (Law of Attraction). Any spirit can work effectively depending on the degree to which approaching it effectively restructures your consciousness to align with the desired outcome.

Personally, I’ve had great “success” with my ritual work. Using the usual definition of success, I’d say damn near 100%.

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From where did you learn how to commune with a spirit?a book?what’s it’s name then?

Spirit communion is non-stop: when you imagine scenarios with seemingly ordinary others you are communing with the spirit of that state of mind. Everybody is communing but not all are aware. All spirits are an aspect of your True Self and, in the final analysis, you only experience aspects of your True Self.
I suppose the first time I communed with spirits in the ritualistic sense would be from back when I was quite serious about mainstream Christianity but then I’ve worked with many streams like the Necronomicon, the Norse Pantheon, Mother Mary, Jesus and others of the Judaeo-Christian Pantheon, the Hindu, the Muslim (Sufi), the Arbatel Olympian Spirits etc. Any book will do the job including the latest comic book. We need to realise how potent and real every aspect–even the so-called imaginary–of Infinite spirit is.

Beings of the necronomicon are real?So in the end all is needed is the belief of communication?

There is only real in reality. Existence begets existence. Truth begets only truth and lies do not actually exist. Yes, all that is needed is the consciousness of their existence even if you label it “imaginary”.