Subtle hyper sensation

I often see people wishing to call the subtle and the hyper, into the common mundane spectrum. Rather, one must shift to the appropriate spectrum to feel the respective intended sensation. The easiest way to do this is by shifting the focus into the breath AND breathing pattern. The intention is to allow a type of release. The sensation is at hand already. Intentional exertion of these energies disallows the sensation to occur.

One must breathe in the universe and allow the energies natural and locally persistent to circulate through the mystical organism. Consequently, sensation will be felt by the apparatus. The sensations are like resting of stress, tingling waves, warmth, or other sensations based on the respective energy called forth. First awakening to the subtle sensation is the gate for smooth transition into the hyper sensational range.

Peak over peak then deccelorate is the primary mode I utilize for hyper sensational awareness. I call forth the primal raw essense and formalize that into my aspectual array. Then drawing forth by authority, the powers of my will according to the aspectrual array which I have personified as myself. These sensations are indescribable and wholly different based on the intent the aspectual array called forth. Such things as grace and mercy which compells brokenness and tears of joy that cause vibrant and powerful surges through the entire body. Great wings bursting forth from my mystical body which I feel and stretch, great spiritual fire bursts forth and my body courses with the might of ancient warrior kings. The hyper sensational can not be mistaken for anything else.