Substitute for Candles?

In preparation of casting spells, I have been working out the logistical challenges particular to my living situation. I have discerned a method of surreptitiously burying items on public/private property, how to disguise ritual as other forms of meditation, and how to procure the necessary materials in a seemingly innocuous manner. But there is still one matter with which I am still stymied:

I live in a flat with another who must have no knowledge of my undertakings. Exploiting her aversion to visiting our storage locker, I may prepare simple apparati there, and store any that I like without fear of discovery or disturbance.

There is but one limitation, however: I cannot burn candles in the space because of their fire detection system. I can schedule time alone at home, should they be necessary for the initial preparation, and transport the item to storage, but in the cases where a regiment of candle-burning is prescribed, cannot continue once there.

Is there any substitute for ignited candles in spell-casting?

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It depends on the spell, and on you to some extent. Many spells use candles as aids for visualization or for getting in the right state of mind. For those, something can easily replace the candles. For some other spells candles can seem crucial. A strong willed magician can do magick without any tools (candles included), but it is much harder.

try using LED candles as a test to see how it wold work but im guessing ull have to substitute your energy for theirs.

That and fire & water function as gateways between worlds. I generally use blood and fire. Now, I wonder what kind of effect pitch dark would have. And instead of burning, water submersion and later burial would have to take place, I suppose. That would be interesting to play with…

I think it depends on each situation, I can and have gone months without using candles, but that’s because I wasn’t explicitly using candle magick or spells that needed them.

Can you give some examples of the kinds of times you’d use them if it were possible?

If you need something to be consumed by fire, do you have access to wasteground or anywhere you can do a quick monthly bonfire, maybe on one of those tinfoil disposable barbeque things, for example?

Also, those heat detectors, what type are they - rate of rise, or some other kind, and can you fool them if absolutely necessary - could you use a small tealight (the flame’s usually smaller) inside a large metal lantern, the sort people use to burn large citronella candles outdoors, which might diffuse the heat and prevent the detectors picking it up?

Very hard to propose ideas without knowing the type of purpose, you can even use the alchemical symbol for fire, an upwards-pointed triangle, as a substitue in some visualisation work, though that requires both focus and self-belief that you’re not just playing head-games.

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When I was in Afghanistan I would meditate and focus on imagined candles burning in my mind’s eye - all the gateway I needed apparently, I had excellent results probably because I was so incredibly single-minded out there.

Sounds kind of silly I suppose: if I could do the work myself with no tools needed, then why the hell did I have to concentrate so intently on imaginary candles “in my head”? I guess I didn’t, just like no one really -needs- some of the other ubiquitous physical apparatus. But just like when it’s a physical candle before you, it helps focus the concentration, and that works some real magick. At least that’s how it was for me. Now I use candles at home in the States, because I’m a sucker for a cool ritual setup.

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