Substances for Rapture?!?

I have been having a hard time getting into the rapture state as EA Koetting calls it. I wanted to turn to Substances, Psychedelics, Chemical compounds, foods… whatever that might help me reach this state. I know a lot of the stuff people use here are illegal, not that I care lol. But I wanted to know if there was something I could use that is easy to get, legal, and effective. I know alcohol is a given, I have even heard of some people using cough syrup as well. Any suggestions?


I think you have to find it by trial and error. Cocaine and ether suit me best, cannabis I find dificult to handle. You might try also a mental overload, like having a intense mental work before the ritual or use noises to stress your brain and see if you can get rapture with that, worked for me when I started trancing out.

There’s a type of pain medication called Lyrica that has the interesting side effect of mania. It’s prescribed to people with multiple sclerosis or type 1 diabetes. If you know anyone who has either of these conditions…you could ask them to pretend that they have nerve damage, which would warrant a regular prescription.

Before any substance I would honestly try learning from a good span of time without sleep.

The Witch of Forest Grove, Sarah Lawless, makes flying potions. I would highly recommend her products and her blog.

with psychedelics you have no control and they can create a passive state of mind which is a bit might freak out…

bach rescue remedy can still your mind and your nervous system very well(with a good dose) and is legal…you can find it on drugstores…