Hi does anyone of any good subliminal recordings, that can help you flirt more and be more confident around women?, I have looked on you tube and there are hundreds so a bit overwhelmed with the choice. Thanks

The more you obsess with this video, the more results you will see.

Listen to this every single day as many times as you can. Over and over and over!!! For the next couple of months!!!

If you don’t get beautiful women in your life as friends and others as lovers, and you are doing something wrong! Period!!! No excuses!!!


Thanks Blaze

What you need is practice. Make a goal.First week goal talk to and flirt with 2 new girls a day. Second week goal talk to and flirt with 4 new girls every day. Each week increase by 2. Take notes every day on every success you have with them and then repeat every day. If you will do this you will have unimaginable success with women.

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