Subliminal use for male enhancement


Mars talisman as well I reckon? Do a search on the net and in reply above, they’re really easy to do. :+1:

Venus talismans are used for female fertility, same principle.



My balls were the size of chicken eggs before I used steroids, now they are the size of grapes :sob::sob:

I had huge cumloads but I don’t know if I ever get back to my old size :cold_sweat: girls were commenting on my small balls it was kinda embarrassing. :joy:

The datingmarket has high demands and you have to improve on all areas but going the chemical route isn’t a solution : ((

I’m gonna try out those probiotics, for testicle growth
Along with magick, I need all the help Mars can give me lol.



Yesterday I saw a youtube video of Elon Musk and his plans of colonization in 2024 on Mars.

Do men have an edge over there on Mars in terms of magick? Like can they harvest more energy / power from that planet? Because that’s the natural habitat for men :smiley:

Men are from Mars
Women are from Venus

One million people are going to colonize it, and if you go, you cannot return back to earth anymore…



Looks very interesting, but i’m now still listening to this DMSI program from Indigo Mind Labs and it maybe I will quit this in a few weeks, depends on wether or not i’m noticing effects…

I have very turbulant dreams and sleep because that shit is really kicking my subconscious ass lol

If I listen to any other program I will get severe headaches or other things that will hinder my daily life, like concentration problems etc.

If this doesn’t stop, I will quit the program next week and I will report my findings on Indigo Mind Lab’s forum. It’s another fail for me then.

I’m gonna work with Lucifer to clear out all my fears and subconscious fears / resistance.


Try some Damiana. It fills your balls with quality sperm and increase you testicular size.


As a big believer of subliminals, I don’t think it would be a good idea to buy anything you get online except from those with associated forums and where people try and post their results. The guy who makes subs on this site seems very passionate about his work. If you are not happy he will refund full amount. I’m waiting for him to develop 5G version of the penis sub. I know a guy who tried his other subliminals and seen incredible results.

Also I came across a sub once which seemed to have demonic undertones (need to look for it) and I had downloaded a sub on getting light brown eyes and it worked very fast. So I’m guessing the male enhancement should work faster as well.