Subliminal Mp3 files

What demon can help make my subliminal mp3 files work instantly.

Gene Simmons.

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LOL Azesiel. I am serious.

What is the goal of your subliminal mp3s?
Weight loss, quit smoking, build confidence, etc.?
This information would help.

Well, try Amdusias if your mp3s are music. If spoken word, need to know your goal.

Check out “The Sure-Fire Way” by Stella Scott. It’s an adaptation of “Change Yourself Without Willpower or Effort” which is prerequisite reading - you’ll have to read both because Scott doesn’t repeat the instructions. They’re among the <1% of books published by Finbarr International that are actually quite good. These are the original and most tested self-recording methods, and the Stella Scott method is remarkable. (MANY people have repackaged and re-sold inferior variations of this method that’s actually over thirty years old.) In my experiments, it was surprisingly fast and effective - it really juiced my magic. However, I found it more effective to record a two to four minute audio file and play it on a loop, rather than recite the same phrases over and over for an hour-long recording as instructed. Modern advances.



Do you know where I can get a book to be shipped to USA? Looks like its only for UK.



I emailed the publisher about "Change Yourself Without Willpower or Effort"
its out of print.