Subject: Energy Work Power Prana

Hey All,

I wanted to know the term or name of the following technique/exercise.

During energy work, I have experienced it a couple of times.
That when I fully connect the breath with the energy. That the energy will be accumulated in my chest area. Not only that but also that it will become stronger and stronger with each inhalation.

The sensation of the energy is of a heavy dense type. Another
sensation is that the energy will move in a circular motion. This
circular motion takes place on a 1-foot surface. This circular
movement in combination with the controlled breath aspect, got a
crankshaft feeling to it. Meaning self-perpetuating, It’s kind of like
these objects/instruments that got a crank, and when you spin the crank, you will feel friction but after a few rotations, it just keeps going. I noticed that I need to consciously inhale and exhale, and keep a small amount of pressure or friction in the airways when breathing in and out.

I assume this is a quite common technique, so there should be a name for it.

Can somebody tell me its name? So that I can search for the relevant information, so that I can perfect my skills.

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Qi cultivation to the middle dan tian


Kinda sounds like:

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