Some say the subconscious mind can make the manifestation a lot quicker. Someone said the book black magic of arihman and charge the 101 names ofAngra Mainyu. could do this for me.

Is this true.


I recommend using sigils. There’s a lot on the web.

The subconscious (Psychic Censor) is great at preventing Magick from working.



??? I have always been under the impression it was the other way around. Care to expound?

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I would guess that if subconsciously you doubt your working it will not work. So you have to get the belief in the working and your own power into your subconscious and do the work and walk away. Consciously forget about it and let the subconscious stay in a state of expectation.

Now they say it is better to keep your mouth shut and let them think you’re an idiot than to open your mouth and let them KNOW. So am i right? Am I close? Or way off!? If I say it wrong then it gives those who know the chance to teach me!! I am brave enough to look stupid to get the chance to be corrected.


The Psychic Censor is there to protect you. As Magicians we have to learn to subvert it. Sigils are great at teaching such techniques. After Magick I tend to slap myself across the face and few times and do something completely alien - like preparing a meal or doing completely different Magick.

Many so called Magicians either do not recognise the Psychic Censor or hate it. Both attitudes are misconceived. If the Psychic Censor is unrecognised it will effectively dominate everything you do. If the Psychic Censor is hated, you may loose yourself on the way to the closest Insane Asylum, which is where you will find many friends.

Wanting something is rarely an effective tool in obtaining it. Your Will may be strong, but your Conscious mind is anxious of failure. If the Conscious mind were not programmed to be anxious of failure it would lead individuals to construct for themselves (and actualise) a perception of failure, the severest manifestation of which leads to suicide or worse.


Psychic Censor: “Yes, I am sure that you will, but do not get too upset if you FAIL.
Remember the last time you tried and things did not work out? I am
SURE that you do!”

Will: “Yes, how could I forget?
Alright, but I am still going to try – ever mindful of the fact that as I
Have FAILED BEFORE, I could FAIL AGAIN and if I do…”

Small holes sink big ships! Your Will has already been assaulted by Nanny and severely weakened.

The Psychic Sensor is extremely important because it:

Shields us from the intrusions of other realities.
Edits out most telepathic intrusions.
Lessens our ability to correctly divine the future.
Prevents us from recalling our dreams (fully or in part).
Minimises our ability to register significant co-incidences and synchronicities.

The Psychic Censor does this because pedestrian life is impossible without it! Without the Psychic Censor, existence would be like a permanent Hallucination.

But for Magicians - trying to live differently from Sheeple - the Psychic Censor appears malicious. We have to find ways to temporarily overcome it. Normal people sometimes inadvertently do so by Boredom: - leading to strange flashes of subliminal perception; Sleep: - Going to bed with a problem in mind and awaking with a solution in hand and Obsessive Concentration and/or Repetition. Magicians can consciously employ these stratagems.

Sigils work by stimulating the Will to function subconsciously, thereby subverting the Mind’s Psychic Censor.


Thank you for explaining it like that. I always enjoy reading your comments on this site. You teach me a lot! I think yuo are a very wise and powerful magician. Thank you for sharing your thoughts with me.

Through reading your post, I understand your “Psychic Center” to be more or less the conscious mind and see what you are saying. What you wrote shows me that I have learned how to work with it and subvert it fairly well. (I think anyway!) I completely understand what you mean by if it was not there life would be like a psychedelic trip. As a child I used to kinda have that problem. I have learned to embrace the crazy and now we are best friends! hehehehe! (kinda true!) When I was younger I did have to see a psychiatrist because of “seeing things that weren’t there.” As I got older though I told the doc what makes you think it is not there? Just because YOU can’t see him does not mean that man is not standing behind you. I thought it was so arrogant. What makes THEM the authority on it anyway!? When did they get THAT award? I must have missed that memo. So some of us do see things in our everyday life that most do not. I guess that means I do not have as developed a “Phychic Center” as others? I admit it does make life a little difficult if you are not positive if it is in this 3rd dimension or if it is other worldly. And being able to see the demons in people on the street or even on TV can be a bit rattling sometimes. But I work with demons and am not afraid of them so it’s all good.

When I am trying to figure something out that I can not find a solution to, I put it (consciously) in a place in my mind. I’m not really sure exactly where it is, but I KNOW it is being worked on and I just have to wait for the answer. SO I wait and do not think about it again. If I start to think about it I immediately push the thought away and focus on something else that is going on around me. And sure enough, like the toast when it is ready it will just pop up and I will have this sudden realization when I least expect it. So I am kind of aware it is being processed but I have no idea what is going on. And it is better if I leave the question or thought alone. So I do.

If I am doing a working, if that thought “fail” even attempts to show up I kick its ass to the curb and do not even let it come out. I replace that thought that was trying to start creeping into my mind with thoughts like these. If I have to I will tell that negetive thought or whatever is trying to bring it to the surface to shut up! And I evict it! I replace that with, I am powerful! I have done this and harder things before and it ALWAYS works. I can not be stopped. And I do not have a problem. I can control my own thoughts and feelings. I am in control. Not that monkey mind! Is that working with the subconscious mind and the Psychic Center as you said? i know I am weird. But maybe other people here do the same things. So maybe I am not so weird here after all!?

Yeah we are on the same page I just perceive it differently. What you are calling the psychic sensor I consider an aspect of the conscious mind that serves as the limiting factor you describe.

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Every eventually goes through the subconscious mind, so you are utilizing it ( especially for magic ) whether you realize that or not.

The key is earning how to work it to your advantage

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I know the truth of where you’re coming from!

What you think about me is entirely a matter for you - but you are perceptive.

As for the subconscious fucking you up, put it this way: If your whole life, particularly young life was dominated by rhp (spiritual) traditions, that sort of thing leaves dents, marks and sore spots. This is why the Black Mass was so effective in former, more Xtian times. After your first Black Mass there’s no going back. But you can perform your own version of a solitary black mass. Both serve to quickly break down inner barriers, whilst teaching so much more.

As for what Woodsman81 wrote, he’s correct. I should have expressed myself a whole lot better. That was my fault, my fault, my most grievous fault…Indeed I go so far as to state that Woodsman81 corrected me. So count yourself as exceptional - one of the very few.

P.s O! And thanks!