Subconscious Powers

These are just some notes of experiences (you must have noticed that I have a small vice in doing them) that I did in the past, because I did not know this forum, I had no one to discuss with. Years ago I made a recording with an affirmative sentence, in the present, with something that I wanted at that time to happen to me. So I rewound the audio with the computer, put it backwards, passed the new audio converted to the cell phone and listened all night while I slept. (if you can call it sleeping, since you basically become more or less unconscious, overcome by fatigue). Shortly after, what I put in the audio happened to me. But I could never repeat the feat, but I feel inside me that it was not a coincidence since it was too unlikely to happen. Anyone who can tell me more about this?


One of the Hermetic principles in the Kyballion is the Principle of Mentalism. β€œAll is mind, the universe is mental.” Therefore, we have the ability to change our mental universe with the power of our minds. This is the power of magic.


Search on subliminals you will find more answers

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