Stuttering and mispronunciations

I’m doing rituals and sometimes I stutter when my read them out loud and I might mispronounce a word here and there. Will the spirit be okay with this?

Dont worry about it too much, it gets perfect over time.


Okay thanks. I was almost going to redo all of it

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As long as you get the energy correct,you will be fine, I would go deeper what this means but I am simply having lack of words here, either a bad day or a language barrier.

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Yup , we’re all only human beings , you don’t have to be perfect for a spirit to want to work with you .

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IMO We all have those moments, I think as long as your energy and intentions remained focused then your stuttering would of had little impact…
With time and confidence it will improve, take your time with the words before the ritual become familiar with them.

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Intention matters more than pronunciation most of the time.


What if you just know that magick really works while doing the ritual, is that enough?

With little to no intention

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Your intention is the why you are doing what you are doing. It doesn’t matter if you believe the magick works or not. Your intention is why you are saying the words. Without intention, the words are empty.

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A member here I knew worked with his own chakras and chi/kundalini a lot, he did more of direct magick which he used his own power for it.

He knew that magick worked, BUT, I mean, imagine you are holding a gun, and you meed to kill this person, intention is pointing the gun and shooting the person, so that question is bit of a weird, I mean why do magick at first place if you dont have intent?

If he didnt have intention, all that power wouldnt work.

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Aleister Crowley famously was in the middle of a ritual at one point whenever he forgot the words To the ritual that he was performing.

Instead of the words he meant to recite, he substituted “from Greenlands icy mountains” and achieved the desired effect.

Magick isnt about memorizing complex rituals or learning Enochian, it is what you can create via will.

Thank you. But explain this to me in detail

You’re asking a very loaded question. Most of us have differing viewpoints on how to do the work that we do. I think some people on here are totally batshit insane, and some people’s advice I take as gold.

the best thing I can suggest for you on that note is to feel out your practice and do whatever comes natural to you. Some people like EA Koettings methods, ceremonial trappings of the Golden Dawn, are there still like to follow what the thelemites and the ONA and all the other magical orders like to do.

I can’t give you the secrets of the universe, but I can point you in the right direction. The direction is into your bathroom and looking into your mirror.