Stupid Cool Youtube Stuff

That locked thread on YouTube had Dora on there…
Well, there’s only the later Dora worth watching (I guess).
Only Dora shows worth watching:


Note: I couldn’t find a stupid video thread (or would it be cool video thread.


I love you. Thank you for saving my Dora

what am i doing with my life… watching cartoons like this

Dora’s a good explorer, but is she good enough to find Waldo and Carmen San Diego? :thinking:

Knew that sounded familiar :joy:


Just noticed Daria in the AA. Laughed perhaps more than that joke deserved

I don’t even know why I watched every single video… :neutral_face:


:wave: magic :wave:. :fairy:t2:‍♂️

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It’s all fucking stupid.

HEY watch your mouth, dora is very respectable, ok. (that is my opinion) pls don’t hurt me.

Adult Dora is da bomb man. But now everyone will blame Swiper when they have no condoms.

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When you realize Swiper would have a reason for stealing them…

This is why we kids were afraid to toss out litter:

The news never tells us this:

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Ah the characters coming together…