Stumbling through the door

It’s sort of weird, I came across this site less than ten minutes ago by complete chance. But I feel inclined to stay. My name is Jae, I’m from New Zealand. Picture of me to break the ice lmao:

I’ve always had a lot of eclectic knowledge about magick. I used to read a lot into LaVeyan atheistic satanism but it seemed like one big money scam to me over time. Also by chance I met someone online who I only know as Alex. He claimed to be strongly connected with a figure called Samael. He was incredibly intelligent and told me a lot. He brought me into the whole new topic of theistic satanism. I was young when I met him. Maybe 14. It’s been some years and I haven’t heard from Alex in a long time. I don’t know whether he hurt himself, went insane or hurt another. He was like a mentor for me.
I want to study Ars Goetia. I know lightly of it but not the traditions, verified resources or nature of communicating with them. I was hoping someone who was well versed could help me begin my journey.
Note: I think I have had contact with one before. Haagenti. For years I have known their name, felt them, and I feel he (always presented to me as masculine) wants to know me. He’s waited long enough. I’d like the knowledge and abilities to put in the same effort Haage has for me and begin a relationship.
Idk if any of this makes sense - it’s 4am after all.
Edit: I do intend on well versing myself on this site but as I am new it all seems a bit overwhelming and some direct aid and communication would be really comforting.


Hello Maisie Williams!

It’s Jae. Not Maisie lmao. But I’ll take that as a compliment.

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Yes I know, welcome! And yea it was a compliment :slight_smile:

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