Stuff Drop

Cipher is
R O 9 U I Z
K X 8 G P 0
N E 1 3 C 5
J T 4 M D 7
S Y 6 W Q Z

its a sigil key. Each is separated by a cross of 4 quadrants of 9 letters/numbers. First 3 boxes use letters arranged in that the values in english gematria are added, the numbers bottom left subtracted to yeild 416 as the value… 4th box is different (remember 3Xy) . Inspired loosely by the riddle from the Book of the law, but not an answer to it…

Mantra creation

I created none of this…so credit ought not go to me. I reported what was shewn to me and I dont care whats done with it. Im not a …capable practitioner, as such, I have no agenda …I do not have that capacity, so I must resign from all of this to pursue, find other interests.