Study of the Qliphothic Tree

Hello everyone,

I was hoping to get some opinions/light on my situation.
I have only recently been learning and working through the sephiroth of the Tree of Life, and I am still very much in the early stages of my learning of the topic.

I have also recently become interested in the Qliphothic Tree, and I am interested in purchasing some of Asenath Mason’s work on the subject.
I do realise the importance of not running before one can walk.
I’m assuming that it would it be more spiritually productive to learn about each system separately?
I know it sounds obvious, but I simply wish to hear others thoughts and experiences.

As I am more interested in learning more about the draconian energies at present, could I begin with the Qliphoth? Or is it important to begin with the Tree of Life? Are there any dangers/pitfalls?
I suppose what I am also asking is - Can one study and move through the tree of the Qliphoth, without having done any work with the Tree of Life?
I have been meditating for years, which I feel has given me a good foundation where visualisation and energy work etc is concerned.
I am trying to establish the correct order in which to learn and progress.

Any thoughts are most appreciated.


You can study & practice both but i would practice one at a time if your just starting out. Seriphoth are about unifying the aspects of the tree. The Qlipoth do the oppisite and deconstuct the tree to its basic form. So the death tree is about understanding the individual things that make you yourself and this can be quite painful as you will be visiting things that can hold great trauma but will allow you to understand the power you hold as an individual. The Seriphoth is about taking those individual strands and uniting them to become part of the limitless. So perhaps doing one at time would be better for you to get a grasp on them.


Thankyou for your advice, this is insightful.
As I feel that I am currently in the process of deconstruction and revisiting shadows within my life, perhaps it would be fine to learn and focus on the Qliphoth to begin with.
I feel more drawn to the shadows at present, and I feel like I’m learning to integrate duality, whereas perhaps I put more emphasis on the light in my past spiritual understanding.

I don’t see spiritual growth as a linear process anyway, so I don’t see what harm it would do to choose to learn in the order that I feel drawn to, right?
Thanks again :slight_smile:


If you want Asenath Mason’s books to study Qlipoth, be aware that they have been heavily adapted to fit the Draconian tradition. Her book titled Tree of Qlipoth and her Qlipothic BALG books might be be somewhat exceptions but I don’t have those books specifically, I do have the Grimore of Tiamat though, which is basically a Qlipothic journey utilizing Sumerian monsters in place of the traditional Qlipothic deities. Nonetheless she’s an excellent author on the subject.


Oh, I see what you mean.
I didn’t think about what the Qliphoth would be without the Draconian tradition. In all honesty, I had not heard of it before.

However, I am already very much interested in the Draconian energy and Sumerian aspect, as I have encountered these some of these entities through my past meditations/visions. They were eye-opening experiences for me, to say the least!

I am a little apprehensive, but I think it would be foolish to be over confident with this.
Thanks for the info :slight_smile:


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Oops! Sorry Lady_Eva. I did not realise.
I will surely introduce myself! Thanks for the reminder.

Being famliar with Sephiroths and Qabalah can be really helpful in your study. Qliphoths are not just an antithesis of Sephiroths, it’s still a subject to be explored. From my experience it’s a set workings dealing with self-realization for people how feel it’s their path.
Asenath made a systemathical aproach like no other could’ve done before.
Good luck!


Thankyou David, I am very much looking forward to going down this new avenue in my journey.

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That sounds very ambitious, but my advice is to start with one system and see how it goes. Many practitioners will tell you that either of them is a path for a lifetime and leaves little time and energy for anything else, and I personally agree with that. If you just want to take a peek into the Qliphoth and Sephiroth and learn some basic about them, you can try working with both, but if you want the tree as your initiatory path, you may not have time to embrace both systems in in their totality. In either case, when you work with one side of the tree, you’re experiencing the other anyway because they’re connected, it’s all the question of what you choose to focus on and from which side you want to approach the path – and for that I recommend the side that appeals to you more.


Thank you for the advice, Asenath.

I feel the connection to learning the Qliphothic tree is stronger right now, and so I have decided to move that way.
I certainly do not wish to rush anything, and to just enjoy the journey and the experiences that it may bring.

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Welcome to the Practice of the tree.
Either path is indeed a life time journey. Most do not practice the Qlipoth. In my experience with both aspect, the Qlipoth challenges you to really face yourself. Ofcourse, I am speaking from I and I only. I love the Sephiras/tree of life path. Powerful and full of wisdom. The Qlipoth, for me invokes a great deal of feeling, thought, and challenges me to see my blockages, then live them. Leaving me no choice to either Ascend or get stuck. The patterns that keep me stuck remain visible and present. I can either call upon the Qlipothic Goddessess and Gods to support me in destroying them. Or lay in my own abandon and suffer.

Grateful for this path and for A. Masons work. Blessings to your Journey.


Thankyou Samhain, for sharing your experience of working with the Qliphothic tree and how it has helped you on your spiritual journey.

I feel that I am being drawn through a path of working through aspects of my psyche at the moment. Things from the past that I thought were already dealt with and integrated are now presenting themselves again for true awareness and release. I feel that this is the right route for me :slight_smile: