I’ve lost all motivation to do spiritual work. I stopped meditation and all my other works. I am only mad and frustrated. I even cut my finger wide open by getting mad at competitive game. I’m not gonna quit. Even if I tried to quit it would all come back in some odd way.

Any advise to help get motivated again. If you think a spirit is needed than go ahead and suggest. But I will say my clairaudience isn’t doing well.

I quit tons of times too bro , I’m sure all of us have , so don’t beat yourself up about it , I had enough occult failures months ago , so I quit and simply focused on self improvement , when I came back the occult was far far easier and I’d far surpassed my peers who’d been doing the occult in those months , everything happens for a reason

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Oh I feel you. If you feel the need to break free for a while don’t feel bad about doing so. There’s always good and bad days.

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Try different things

What’s the exact problem?..manifestation?

Do some gaming, watch some movies, take a girl out, etc.Chill out until you feel ready again, seriously, there is more to life than magick.


Truly what i needed to hear. I went on a 3 month streak of just practicing magic. I have a bad habit of over working. I’m a hard core rpg player and I will do the 3 day farming to get a certain weapon I like so imagine what that’s like for me when working with magic. Magic was the new thing I was extremely passionate about so i went on that grind for knowlage. And I’ve made decent progress. I guess I can chill out for a couple of weeks😔

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