Hello, quite new, but not really new to casting spells, have had some really good success in the past but more recently my target whom I’m
working on is being stubborn/non responsive to my work, so I think I need to change tact. Does anyone have any advise on how to break down stubbornness or at least to clear blockages around them please? I’ve used some sigils but that hasn’t helped either. I also think another person (their mother) is behind the problem somewhere except I don’t know her date of birth. Maybe if she stopped interfering that would be a good start !!

Thank you in advance !

Flower x


The search function is your best friend here!
And as long as i know, birth dates or even names are not necessary to target anyone, intent is enough!
names, birth dates, pictures are just a + that you can add in a ritual , nice, but not a necessity!

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Hiya @HANYA thank you for your reply. I have used the search feature lots of times, it interesting to see what other rituals are done, I also use YouTube as well as a resource for information.

And I don’t know if anyone else finds his but once I have done a ritual I could go to sleep I’m blooming drained/knackered !

But any tips on how to get through to someone who is stubborn will be brilliant, I’ve asked Dantalion for help, but no sign it’s worked though :frowning:

If you wants help, you need to say what you are up too, what is your goal, some of us still can’t read minds,!lol

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How long have you been working on this ‘target’ - are they truly stubborn or are you merely impatient?


What are you trying to do? Details would be helpful if you’re comfortable sharing.

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Ok, yeah I get some you can’t read minds neither can I lol

Yes I think they are being stubborn and I think there’s probably a piece of me that is impatient - probably because I had fast results previously like really fantastic results and this one … nothing !

Ok so I’m trying to is coax my ex husband into making some contact with me/come forwards …I’ve done a come to me which yielded no results, and a call me to talk things through petition and nothing. Asked Dantalion to help change his way of thinking… nothing, there’s 2 children that want their dad back but he’s gone out into the great abyss… I’m trying to repair the family… soooo I’m hoping there’s a a way because so far I’ve hit a wall. I saw him Friday he’s not with another person, so that is not an obstacle. He’s just stubborn !

Edit : been working on him a few weeks. Sometimes I feel as though he’s picking up on the energy just not responding to it (yet). But he will ! I’m not one for giving up! Haha.

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I think you’re holding onto the results too tightly. The sooner you let the Universe have it the better. Set it and forget it can be hard when you’re emotionally attached to a result, but it’s important. I don’t mean let go of the relationship. I mean let the magick do its thing.


Hey… yes I realised this already… thank you!