Stubborn hard headed target

What do you do if you have a very stubborn and hard headed target? I have tried to do everything I can possibly think of, with the smallest movement or sign that it’s trying to work. I feel defeated, because I know he thinks of me, but won’t show or act on it.

If you want results , take greatest measures you can , try the most powerful spirits you can , like pantheon leaders


Hmmm are we trying to cast on the same man??? lol

Seriously I know how you feel. Mine is my soulmate/twin flame so I think that may have something to do with it in my case. You can only do so much. I have thrown up my hands so to speak.

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Probably snap

But I did get results with a very stubborn man previously so it can be done… it’s just how

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He’s a Taurus so he’s born stubborn. I knew he was stubborn but I was shocked to see this stubborn.
At one point there was someone in the way but she had been taken care of, now it’s just getting him to act on it. Can see reading him that I’m on his mind and what not but he won’t act on it.

What did you do about the other woman. Im seriously in the same situation (his ex). Would truly interested in knowing as she is “in the way” as well.

My tarot is also showing the same things just that he is “frozen in fear” and afraid to make any changes in his life. Mine is a Gemini

If nothing works, there are only 2 options:

  1. Move on.
  2. Cast more cleverly, by going with the flow of the person, not against it (as most usually do).
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I like this idea but I’m struggling to come up with what casting with the flow of the person could be…

Put yourself in the position of the person and figure out, what will work.

Everyone has something, that he/she is attracted to, or has a weakness for something or can be baited with something.

You’re speaking about stubborness being an issue… that means, you are trying things by going AGAINST what the person is stubborn for… but even a stubborn person, has things which they aren’t stubborn for. You get the idea?

I can’t tell you what exactly, that’s up to you to find out, since you know the person.

Example: You are trying to make someone go to a pizza restaurant, to meet them there. But they don’t like pizza restaurants, they like though bars. Instead of keep trying to make them go to one pizza restaurant, and then another, and then another, make them go to a bar instead, one they are gonna be especially attracted to. Better even, if it’s combined with something, they are a fan of or like or something else they can be baited with.

Adopt the idea as it fits to your special situation. Works with everything. It’s what people do all the time, who know to influence others. The principle can be adjusted and used for anything, even magick.


I wholeheartedly agree with this, it is so true :slight_smile:
I feel like it should be said more often

I mean, of course you can dominate people, bend their will with raw strength but it is sometimes more effective to think outside the box and use another perspective

If I have feelings for someone but im afraid of getting hurt and/or hurting them. I would need to get the past the fear of hurt issue (I think he is more fearful of himself getting hurt). And that is why im being ignored and his is bouncing off my my spells. But how?

Need to make something that is glue and sticks than rubber that bounces off.

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That makes a lot of sense I just don’t know how I could do it, casting wise.
He will respond if I message him, but he won’t do it first. almost like he wants me to chase, but I want him to do it.
He’s a foode, and he loves breweries. I’m just drawing a complete blank on how to go about that in the magical sense.

We got her taken care of… she’s out for the count right now. She kept getting her caster to cast against us so we reversed it all, put up protection and decided to do a little meet up a store for a little more revenge

How did you do it?

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Im telling ya we’re after the same dude lol. He is just like that!!!

Previously I used NAP and it worked for a bit

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Who or what is NAP?

NAP stands for New Avatar Power. It’s a classic book by Geoff Grey-Cobb.


I aim for a softer target.