Structuring your tools and magick equipment

Manifesting your tools and magick equipment out of the thin air.

Okay so I’m reworking the O.A.A, I was looking at the rituals, I didn’t have some of the tools needed.

I spoke to my Daemon Child, Salanayus he told me " why are you concerned with tools, if this is really a problem why don’t you manifest them ".

I said " what do you mean ", he told me, if you need candles structure them, they will hold the same energies.

He walked me through it, I structured a circle of candles, each candle had a different colour. From black, white, red, blue, violet, brown, green etc.

Then I created a simple athame with energy in my hands, I didn’t need a robe since I simply used my aura as a robe.

I structured and drew a universal circle on the ground, using my energy.

So I went from being in a place that I couldn’t have my tools because they were in my home.

Now I’m in my cousins house, with a fully activated universal circle, a robe, a athame and candles of all colours.

This was quite extraordinary, okay granted it does take longer to prepare your rite, but it’s so much easier, and it saves you money.

You could structure circles, manifestation triangles, staffs, you name it.

Let me know what you guys think about this. Obviously when you structure the tools needed, you can call power into those structured tools.

For example, structuring a candle and you could call the powers and properties the candle holds.

There the potency of the tools are as great as physical ones if not greater, since each thing you structure is created completely with energy.

Let me know what you guys think about this.


I’ve never had a full set of ritual tools.never had a robe. Always had an instinct it wasnt necessary. Just a cup for offerings i imagine it all internally. I have chronic pain issues and its difficult for me to do some of the work physically. I find if i do energy work mentally it alters my body and then helps my pain.

Also my husband doesnt believe in magic so i can lie in bed and do ritual or why im reading or something.

@C.Kendall are you saying you created PHYSICAL objects using energy or are these just astral/spiritual/ethereal tools that you are using.

Also learning how to do this would be really useful for me since the entirety of the ritual tools I have at the moment consists of a butter knife, a staff and a piece of black cloth.

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Astral, energetic and Aeythric tools, not physical but the tools energy do let off physical occurrences, it probably could be done to physical but that would take a huge amount of alchemical transmutation and hard study.

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@C.Kendall That’s really interesting. Thank you for replying

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No probs

Seems reasonable to me. I usually manifest my circle.

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Hey! I never done a from what you wrote above,my understanding is that you simply visualize all the tools,work,etc and it was effective as the physical,with all the physical tool’s?

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