Structuring/Weirdness/First visible sign +1

I was trying evocation last night i know structuring is what i needed to work on as i was trying i saw a blue ball about the size of a gulf ball right in front of me but then it disappeared that’s the first time i had a visible sign on side of just static and shadows.then nothing else.
Wow i do things

  1. tgs
    2.The sigil flashes
    3.Imagine the entity in front of me (i believe that’s what structuring is.)
  2. Chant its name til it shows up fully
    is that the correct way of doing things?

From what i understand structuring is just imaging the spirit in front for you right?
I may be dyslexia :woozy_face:

I know i did say this was my last question i keep getting a feeling to ask more questions .Trying to follow my Intuition

@Lady_Eva could you delete this post? i have posted to much about this topic.

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I haven’t read those but I thought I’d see what there was. Here you go.

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Thanks i have read them both in the past im just over complicating it

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There’s like over fifty, man. ???

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I know theirs some thing im doing wrong i have lot on my mind the last couple of weeks that could be it
that why i asked the mod to delete this . just felt i need to post it :crazy_face: