Structuring question but dammit I'm almost there!

So yesterday I evoked Paimom using offerings EA’s incantation from the newsletter and orations that were personal to Him.
When I felt his presence I closed my eyes,extended my hand,and gave the call to come.
As I got lost in the rapture I saw clear as day a man with a crown riding towards me downa hill.
As soon as he got close he turned hhisount around and road back up the hill and did a u-ey(?) back towards me.
He basically was doing doughnuts on his steed.,teasing me almost.Or testing my will for him to come.
Either way as he approached me again I pushed all the energy into the smoke and mirror.
When I opened my eyes I saw nothing.

Why after such a clear visual in my mind was I not able to give a body in the physical plane?

I still was able to communicate telepathically but I want to behold these spirits and hearthem with my ears.

What am I doing wwrong?

Did you have offerings and gifts?

Yeah like I said at the beginning of the post I gave an offering and used EA’s incantation.
The offering was a stick of incense anointed with my blood.

I looked up some stuff on Paimon and his sphere is the Sun which is attributed to air so I faced east.Frankensence is the incense associated with the Sun.
Should I have used that instead of Nag Champa?

Did you do any divination or seal opening before hand?

I worked briefly with Paimon in Oct. He is a badass dude, he is also a King. He demands a tribute fit for a king, and by Jove a kingly tribute he must have. I worked one out with him and he accepted it.

He is the epitome of Kingship. (at least to me he was) Treat him as you would a visiting Ruler of a powerful country.

You face West for Paimon and I would have done more than just incense. Frankensence is fine, I would have had some stout whiskey and something you put some energy into creating, not all sacrifices are killing something, sacrifice time and effort and show you want to meet him.

Also, don’t do anything to piss him off.


After our first session I decided that now was the appropriate time to ask him to do something for me. He was amused and told me that he would do what I asked (it was fairly simple) but that I needed a lesson on the proper respect one should pay to a demonic king.

He made my life hell (with a small h) just to give me a taste of what I was dealing with. I learned my lesson. Above all do NOT mistreat a demonic king. To be honest it was a fairly rookie mistake to make and I think he took it easy on me.

Since then I learned the importance of building a good relationship first. Thing was, Paimon was all too happy to talk to me and give me a lot of good info, it was when I asked him to do something that he was like “Really? and we were having such a nice talk. You DO know who I am right? Not a normal demon? Right?” (paraphrasing)

I get that we on the LHP are looking for self godhood and all that but we do need to realize that this stuff is VERY real and can mess us up BIG TIME.

Thanks for the advice guys.
I called upon him as a King and addressed him as such.
I even invoked him to help me with mastering mind control.
He agreed upon a two day possession and at work today I found the slightest criticism to be HIGHLY offensive.
Which I felt since Paimon and I were merged the things being said to me offended HIM.
Shortly after the person who offended him by telling me I would receive no help in my tasks for the day (which is cooking breakfast and lunch for close to 300 people) that person did a major part of my job for me.
I also employed the technique he thought me forind control on the person as well.

This bitch that makes my life hell at work was pretty easy going after that.

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For what it’s worth, I have totally had that experience where a spirit I’m merged with or just really strongly linked to has taken offence at stuff I, Eva, would usually just ignore, so you’re definitely not alone in that.

It’s a weird one because I’m not going to be their bitch and lay a slapdown (or whatever the kids call it) on someone that I don’t feel comes from my own heart, but at the same time I can understand the spirit’s point of view completely.

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I feel where you’re coming from Eva.
The person who offended King Paimon was my supervisor so I couldn’t just go off on her.
When she offended Paimon I started shaking with rage and I looked at my friend and said I’M angry.
He said I seemed more pissed than usual and then I realized it was Paimon saying he was angry…not me.

My friend and I have been vamping her for a few days now and shaking with rage I said 'Vamp her till she drops!!"

Then her attitude changed and the day went well.

Paimon ain’t the one to fuck with lol.

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My advice for someone giving you emotional problems? Feed off that emotion till it’s gone, and then dump it somewhere. One of you could’ve fed off of her awareness and another the emotion until she was hardly standing.

I need a vampire buddy. It’s lonely in New York.

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But back to the subject at hand.
Are you guys saying if I had made more offerings he would have appeared?

I’m saying put more effort into the immersion process. Due a ritual fit for such a powerful and influential spirit. Put on your best show, out of respect and the desire to talk to him. He has an ego so make him feel welcome.

If you invoked him and he’s literally speaking through you why not ask him why he was hesitant to appear.

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If you can’t get ritual implements, I advise doing it in the astral. That’s the purest type of immersion IMO, and you can easily feel/see the spirit in question there. They don’t need a medium to appear because they’re just there, and you’re the one forming.

I’ve got tons of ritual implements and a room in my house for a Temple.
I haven’t learned to soul travel yet but haven’t tried in a long time either.

I’ll break out the whole kit n caboodle for Paimon this time.
We agreed on a two day possession and that time has passed.
I didn’t perform an exorcism but I don’t feel his essence anymore either.

Would you mind sharing some techniques on soul traveling?
I was going to learn from a spirit like Thalos,but if you could give some tips I’d be very greatful.

  1. Fake it till you make it, and don’t only rely on sight. Some of the best travels I’ve had were made possible because of my hearing and touch alone. The picture forms from the senses, not the other way around.

  2. The astral planes are pretty much always easier to traverse than the physical plane.

  3. My name is Sevarn, not Savarn.

Sorry about the typo.

Are there any meditations or exercises that help?

Just opening your chakras, really.

I’ve been doing the chakra meditation from QaV but not as much as I should.
A concern I have though is that when I use my chakra healing wand to pull negative energy from my heart chakra it starts to hurt.Like a sharp pain inmy chest.
Any idea what’s going on there?

A major blockage, that’s what it sounds like to me.

Very possible, good catch sir.

Musta, if you make a psiball and send it through your chakras with the intent to cleanse them you can get rid of some blockages.