Structuring and magical imagination

I am trying to use my magical imagination to structure an image in front of me. I have the image perfectly in my mind I am in the right state and I try and project it in front of me but nothing happens. I don’t see any outline. What am I doing wrong?

Hm, you might not be doing anything ‘wrong’. Sometimes it just takes practice and patience.

What sort of image are you trying to project?

It might be easier to start out with easy, simple things like an eraser, pencil, an apple, a box before moving onto more complex shapes? Its easiest to work with a model, much like an artist would with references. So get an RL whatever youre going to start out with, and play with it a bit. Then set it down and see if you cant ‘duplicate’ the object right next to the physical one.

A lot of the time it is easier for me to just ‘get the outline’. Like a humanoid figure, and once I get that out and stable in front of me, I can start to fill in the details -and if you are working with spirits sometimes they add details you didn’t even think of-. Its kind of how I do complex visualizations, one piece at a time until it all comes together.

Something simple that might help you with projecting images is looking at the sky. More specifically look up at a cloudy day and try to pick images out of the clouds. See a sword? A boat? A car? A dragon? Try to make it as clear in the sky as it is in your mind. Right there, you are ‘projecting’ your inner vision with outer reality, basically doing the same thing but with something physical to help you out with.

This also leads into the use of what magicians call a ‘manifestation base’, which is what you see a lot of when people are trying to summon spirits to full appearance. Why they light the incense, etc, in a darkened area because that physical substance being present in the air helps the mind form images midair. Much like, uh, holograms!

You can of course, not use a manifestation base (I only use a dimly lit room, or are just in plain darkness).

It just takes practice. Don’t get frustrated.


Thank you so much I really appreciate this

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Also I am trying to structure a lamp

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