Strongest Astral projection tecniques and taking power from astral

I try to relax, but can´t project. What are the strongest astral projection techniques you know?

Other question is, can you in any way, when already in Astral, take power of any type there and bring it to daily life?

In the book “Living Thelema” by David Shoemaker, there is the technique I use

The astral is a mental plane, the plane of imagination/collective unconscious. Some ideas are that you can tether your manifestation from the astral to the physical, it’s under the belief that since it is the realm of imagination/thought and manifestation can be summarized as strong thoughts on a particular outcome you bring it here.

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So you can basically hack reality to speed up law of attraction in a way on the astral to manifest in the physical ?

I wouldn’t say speed up but yes.

Banned from going there oddly…used to use the Monroe technique to great effect…something happened, and I aint permitted to leave home base (the body) so I don’t…prolly for a good reason but do miss that experience of flying freely , and the exotic entities.

Did someone try using guided meditations, binaural or not, like these on youtube? IF so, could you recommend me some of them?