Stronger Relationship Your Story/Advice

Curious if anyone has done some spells or rituals like there are some (rarely member) that has done like blood bond. It can be friend, lover or even your partner. (Don’t think I would do blood bond but like to hear if it exists with rituals we do.)

This is kind of an advice or you can tell me your story.

For the the advice; My friend and I want to do ritual together to strength our bond together. (Haha can be love they don’t mind.) So would be interesting if there is a ritual we can do to strengthen our relationship.

For stories; If you have done Spell/ritual alone or with someone. What kind of spell/ritual did you or with someone did you use, how does it go and your experince during it? Did you feel it went successful and what happened after the spell and ritual? Did it work or still waiting?

Still trying to find ways to remain alive though i do visit and read here everyday. Well thanks for reading!


If you’re looking for a close connection I would try an obsession jar but maybe get the other persons permission and do some research before considering.