Strong vibrations during sex

I had an encounter earlier and when she went down on me my feet and hands were vibrating like crazy lol. Anyone experience this?

She a succubi trying to milk out that energy

I’m hoping that ain’t the case haha

I think your new age ideals are kinda affecting your means of helping people xD not all succubus go straight to draining people’s energy nor need to lol you kinda make everything seem negative lol.

Anyway this happens even with strong orgasms so it’s not weird for it to happen energetically either.


How do you even know if its a succubus lol he never stated it.

Always remember to put the vibrator away before falling asleep, kids. :+1:

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I’m joking dawg ,

did you just call me a dawg :angry:

Ye , mf , run up , astral duel , one ascended master tag team , I call Jesus Christ


There is an energy technique called The Big Draw in which a woman absorbs the chi of the man during sex. She doesn’t have to be a succubus; any woman can do it (or man, for that matter).


Yall are funny lmao. Thanks for the responses. My first thought was that my meditations are becoming more progressive

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They probably do this subconsciously anyways , the feminine is receptive

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Can you recommend a source for this energy techniques please

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I believe the technique is described in the book Tao of Sexology by Stephen Chang. However, drawing energy from a sexual partner is easy with just a basic knowledge of energy manipulation so if you practice a method like that of Robert Bruce, you can learn.

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