Strong Reactions to Entities

I consider myself to have a very strong affinity to Lucifer. I have recently started reading Mark Alan Smiths’s The Red King, which has me intrigued to say the least. I have started to draw some of the sigils in the book and something out of the ordinary seems to happen during the drawing of Hecate’s sigil…For no reason I can discern I break down crying and find myself sobbing which is totally totally freaking bizarre. I powered through it, and still do not understand why I would have such a strange ( for me anyway) reaction to a sigil…I’m not by any means what you would call a spiritual person, got not a psychic bone in my body (just intuitive) …so because this is far beyond any intellectual rationalizations or rational explanations, I seek the answers from fellow practitioners…

Have experience with Lucifer and Belial…admittedly I have none with Hecate, and its only within the last few weeks I have started rituals which call upon the power of the trident. I am going to read the work Queen of Hell…I have to say , and not to be a pussy about it either, since im going forward any ways, it is somewhat disturbing to realize a sigil could have such a profound emotional impact on one’s person from an entity one has not worked with before…Because my all too Mercury oriented mind can not interpret this , seem to be at a loss. There is a heaviness in my chest upon the construction of it…

Is this a mild possession (to which I will be in awe and embrace it) or perhaps does her sigil have the power to cleanse any emotional baggage that may be in a persons??

Something similar did happen when working with Gargophias. Rather than asking for things she bestows upon the practitioner, I had asking for a connection to Hecate which of all times to get emotional did cause a heaviness in my chest and throat and for me to break down. This is a little embarrassing to happen in a ritual, because I had always learned one had to tuck one’s emotions away when working with and establishing command or resonance (more appropriate , since they are their own persons) with spirits…

I’m at a loss of explanation. Drawing the sigil be the second time, and tearing up occurs while reflecting on it as though I am right in that situation right now…I don’t understand this…

Does it have meaning or is it just arbitrary???Have any of you experienced anything similar with other entities?

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I have extreme reactions to angelic sigils which sometimes last for four days or even longer. Other entity’s energies affect me strongly too but it is tolerable and sometimes feels nice. But angel energy really has brought me close to going crazy. I pace myself a lot more now and thoughtfully consider myself when working with any sigils. It is good you are aware of this reaction in you.

I’ve concluded it has to do something with chakras or energy but I’m not an expert. I’m still figuring out how to work this out so I can continue doing it too.

I am finding it is easier to establish communication first and try to familiarize myself with a spirit before I engage myself in a ritual with them. I know some people here often suggest banishing and protection too so maybe someone can offer a suggestion as far as protecting yourself from experiencing side effects.


I experience something similar while drawing a spirits sigil. I usually feel a jolt that will blank my mind. I know if that happens that I have a good connection with that Spirit in particular.

Also for @anon64752597 Lucifer is the best. I love him dearly.


I believe it was the Blue Witch on YouTube that said that her experiences with Hecate were like getting things ripped out of you. I think I grabbed the right link - YouTube

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I have yet to feel something from drawing a sigil, but I get that jolt a lot too from staring at some of them.

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