Strengthening a curse, advice please

Hi there,
I’m currently awaiting the waning phase of the moon to perform a curse via effigy, I have hair, bloodstained clothes of the intended victim along with graveyard dirt, rusty nails which I have collected myself. I plan on performing the ritual at night in the grounds of a house which has been documented to have extreme spiritual activity, due to a spate of murders that occurred there 150 years ago, I will bury the effigy in a jar on the grounds. Firstly, can anybody tell me if there is anything else I can add to the effigy to strengthen the curse?
Secondly, would it be wise to evoke a demon to help? I have read about Glasya-Labolas, and feel he would be very suited for the task, is it wise to ask for help, and should I leave an offering if I do so?
Thanks in advance

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How far you want to destroy your target?

Are you going with suffer alone or you wont stop until target is dead?

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I want both suffering and death for this person, but death alone will suffice

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Dra’Talon is perfect for this.

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Thank you, I will look into this further, your help is much appreciated

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Couple of more things.

Dra’Talon wont stop torturing your target until he/she will die, so dont bother calling him again.

Also Andras is a pretty good wrecker.

You can work with Shax in order to remove your enemies understanding.

Marbas is a demon who is expertised in healings, but a healer is also can be a killer.

You can always put more energy to your rituals,by repeating them, however, dont call the entities that you have sent.

Archangel Michael can be a divine wrath.

Hope this helps and good luck.


Thank you, I will research them all, you have been a big help.
One question, do you know if the use of incense and other offerings will add to the effectiveness of the initial ritual?

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They wouldn’t make it worse for sure.For example, incense can put you in a better magickal state, you will feel that you are doing something more than ordinary with it.

For offerings, we usem them as a graditute, so my answer is yes.

But I think you are fine without both.

One last thing, push all of your desire in the outcome (harder than it sounds), but keep your willpower same. Good luck again.


Once again, thank you :slightly_smiling_face:

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Have you or anyone you know ever used Shax to remove an enemy’s senses and understanding?