Strength card as a weakness?

I just did a spread on a past ritual and individual. His weakness place in the spread had the strength card. So, his weakness is his strength? I am interested in others opinions on this please?

In those cases I read it as lack of strength or courage.


Thank you. I pondered if it could be his weakness is the need for the approval and support of others and without this he is weak? could that be a possible way to interpret? This person is strong in a group and cowardly on their own

They’re sometimes 2 sides of the same coin:

  • love of intensity > addiction OR extreme focus on ambitions and values
  • desire for approval > crippling insecurity OR drive to succeed in some kind of public-facing career.

See if there’s a positive flipside lurking in his weakness. PM me if you’re not sure, this is kind of my area of interest.


Which deck are you using ? Because Crowley´s tarot would interpret that different than Rider Wait

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Thank you so much Lady Eva. I may well take you up on the offer as the reading was very interesting with the others cards nearby.

I use the Rider Waite

Pm’d you Lady Eva. Hope you got it