Some of you know that I am on the paath to get to the stix river.
But an other question I must know is there a myth spirit or something that gives you stengt without changing your body like magical strenght .

Like hhmmm an example form tv ?

Vampires in the vampire diaries?

Here in south Africa there is a ritual that shangomas (witch doctors) do to give physical strength. They empower a small piece of goat skin by evoking there ancestors which you will wear around your upper arm. All black people here knows not to mess with a guy wearing that skin. When I go to a shangoma ill learn this skill and then give it to you.

How strong are we talking here?

Take on 50 guys like strong?

Or just be a little stronger.

Thanks !
such a skill would be very usefull if you are interested when I reach stix I’ll teach you how to become invincible.

We arnt talking about pick a car up with one hand but you do get stronger. I can pick-up 200kg now with that it should go up to 400kg that ill be able to pick-up. And its a deal

Awsome could I not use such a power to work out ?

If you have that power you can still gain muscle?

So if I lift 100 kg I win the muscle from doing this exercice or will the skin take that burdeen of me ?

So if I lift 100 kg I opnly win the muscle as if i were lifting 50 kg?