Street lights turning off

So a phenomenon that occured often when I was younger was street lights turning off temporarily as I passed them either when walking or in a car. This phenomenon along with some latent psychic abilities waned out over time and I forgot all about them but now I have noticed this is happening more and more often. What is the cause of this? Some sort of energy field that diminishes without use as we grow older?

Interested to hear some thoughts on this

In this lecture Manly P. Hall he delves into the magnetic fields surrounding and protecting us, as well as how they can become diminished if we don’t care for them. For instance through emotion, intellect, chemical abuse, poor diet, etc.

I would imagine your energy field could ‘transmit’ subconsciously if you had an inherently strong one, thus the lights, even without ritual.

Manly P. Hall on magnetic fields

Very good lecture.

Heh… that was one of the first really unexplainable experiences I had as an adult. Something told me to go outside and I walked for blocks in a kind of trance and for BLOCKS every single exterior light went one by one as I walked past. Street lamps, porch lights, accent lights on buildings, etc. I was an atheist at the time and that was one of the experiences that forced me to come to terms with the supernatural. Strange lights seem to be “Their” way of letting you know they’re around.

[quote=“MichaelSmith, post:1, topic:2287”]So a phenomenon that occured often when I was younger was street lights turning off temporarily as I passed them either when walking or in a car. This phenomenon along with some latent psychic abilities waned out over time and I forgot all about them but now I have noticed this is happening more and more often. What is the cause of this? Some sort of energy field that diminishes without use as we grow older?

Interested to hear some thoughts on this[/quote]
Happens to me all the time.I can’t wear a digital watch or use a cell phone either.they die in days.

This used to happen to me as a child as well. The light would return as soon as I passed. LOL. I thought it was pretty cool :slight_smile:

“How I Raised My Kundalini 70 Times” - Interview With Nate Bales

Greetings Michael Smith,
I know exactly what you’re experiencing. I experience this daily. I find that the lights turning off also relates directly to my mood. On one occasion when I got super angry to the point were I was literally stomping the ground, all the street lights for one city block around me winked then turned off. It reminded me of that scene from Keanu Reeves movie “Constantine” where all the street lights flickered out right before the flock of demons attacked. I was scared out of my wits. It was scary not just because I was surrounded by pure darkness for at least 50 yards in every direction, but also because I just missed a bus and was stranded in a fairly sketchy part of the city. The lights flickered back on a few minutes later, but god was that scary.

At other times, when I’m in a “good mood” electrical equipment seem to work better when I’m nearby. One of my manager’s literally asked me to stand by our temperamental fax machine because it always worked when I stood next to it. Son of gun, she was right too.

I talked to a psychic about it. She said that I was once a powerful sorcerer in a previous lifetime that was able to direct energy with the power of will alone. She added that I carried the sorcerer’s power from the previous lifetime but not the skill or knowledge on how to use it. Another psychic said the same thing and warned me that I should study the occult to learn how to control it so that I don’t hurt myself or others around me.

Street Light Interference Phenomenon/From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

Not to be confused with Streetlight effect.

A concrete streetlight on its mounting pole using a high intensity lamp fixture
Mercury vapor street light fixture
Street light interference, or SLI, is an alleged anomalous phenomenon where a person seems to turn off (or sometimes on) street lights, or outside building security lights, when passing near them.

Although street lights can turn off by chance, such as high pressure sodium street lights cycling (turning on and off repeatedly) at the end of their life cycle, believers in street light interference tend to claim that it happens to them personally on a regular basis, more frequently than chance would explain. Some propose paranormal explanations for SLI, sometimes based on scientific terminology, such as the explanation that electrical impulses in their brain interfere with the workings of electric lights. Anecdotes about people’s experiences of SLI have been reported by news sources.[1]

SLI has never been demonstrated to occur in a scientific experiment, and those who claim to cause it have been found to be unable to reproduce the effect on demand; they give the explanation that the effect is not within their mental and physical control.[2] Many times they do report, however, that it occurs with specific lamps and not just randomly shutting off street lights or electrical lamps in general.

Not just streetlights, most electronics I buy will not last long, and it gets expensive after awhile. My bandmates make fun of me for the trail of blown amplifiers Ive left in my wake. Ive never once had a cell phone or a hard drive last me more than a year, either. Never broken one, just one day they just shut off and never turn on again.
For as much as we affect electronics though, Im more curious about how they affect us

I’m trying to co-relate systems of magick from around the world in my mind. I was reading a post by a woman who practices mostly in the Western Magickal tradition, and she was posting about the effects of the element of fire. She was saying that one of the effects that she had experienced around addressing fire, or unbinding the fire element was lightening.
One of the siddhis acquired by elevating one’s kundalini is “Laghima: Ability to become light to any degree”. - When I first read that, I thought it meant light, as in to float. But now I wonder if it means literally, to become light?
So, by way of sympathetic magick would one who is unleashing their potential not attract elements like that potential? Very loose, hardly a hypothesis… worth experimenting with…, I think.

I had the streetlights thing for about 3 years after puberty, then it calmed down, and my mum said she’d had the same thing back in her day, which would have been the late fifties.

Wikipedia takes a conservative stance on this stuff and is only useful for checking physically verifiable things.

Try evoking spiritis that WANT to work with a magus, into them - I almost don’t want to post this in case it tempts fate, but ten years ago I was blowing up computers, watches, you name it regularly and it got expensive, so when I set out to buy a new PC I set an intention to get one whose innate spirit wanted to work with someone who dealt with magick, the occult, whatever you want to call it.

That computer lasted ten years, never gave me any problems, and even sent me a warning before it “died” - it actually let me know it wanted to cease existing in that form, and 3 months later the motherboard packed in, and at risk of sounding woo-woo I think the motherboard is where the main “personality”/soul of a PC resides.

I figure that every last witch, shaman, wizard and priest of the old days had a fair few pieces of equipment, from magic sticks to sacred gowns, chalices, altars and so on, and each of these held a spirit that for reasons of its own wanted to work alongside a human who was in the business of “causing Change to occur in conformity with Will.”

But as time moved on, those spirits of their equipment were no longer able to live their purpose, because the world became more focused on religious worship which shunned direct control of reality through one’s own Will, so I now intend every time to buy a piece of gear that it will be housing such a spirit, and so far (touch wood) it’s been very successful. Worth a try?

A friend of mine was telling me that the effect of disturbing electronic devices was also common among those who’ve had near-death experiences. He defined near-death experiences as those who have truly expressed death as in briefly having no pulse or brain activity and was revived quickly before death became permanent. He suggested that those coming back from the other side returned with a very different perspective. They know what death is and what is it’s like to be on the other side of life. In having this experience, they radiate an altered consciousness, an altered reality, that disrupts the reality and thoughtform constructs radiated by the average person. He was suggesting that it is the disruptive interaction between the perceived realities of the average person and those who have had a near-death experience that causes electrical disturbances such as lights turning off or electronic equipment going bonkers. What do you think? Have you heard of this explanation before?

No I have not, but I believe a sorcerer is always near death even if only metaphorically. I myself have been in quite a few near death experiences, I know what it’s like to think “This is it”. Even without these experiences as EA says a magician is always changing, his old self dying constantly as he evolves. I think it’s a combination of what everyone has said in this thread. An interesting phenomenon to say the least, I was not expecting so many similar experiences.